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GE PT916SMSS Stainless Steel Electric Oven

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Never thought I would be disappointed with a GE product


I was over excited when we purchased our new GE stainless steel oven, but that didn't last long. I love the stainless steel part of it, it now matched the rest of the appliances. The first time I used the stove top and used the cleaner, it didn't completely remove what had spilled, I spent along time trying and gave up. The oven light went out within the first month. It took forever to preheat, and I could feel the heat coming around the door. I started sliding the door lock over to try to help. Couldn't get a GE repairman to ever call us back. The control buttons were so close I would often cut off or on something I wasn't supposed to. The stove top cooked fairly well, not quite evenly, and the oven cooked fine once it heated up. We eventually took it back because no one from the store would come look at it. We decided on a different brand and definatley a different store. Sad because I've always liked GE and definatley paid good money for it. Capacity Large baking area Performance Worked well once it finally heated up. Ease of Cleaning Stove top wouldn't come clean with the cleaner that came with it. Design Stainless steel very attractive



slow warming up, fast cooking


We purchased this GE Profile wall oven as part of a kitchen remodel.  I have been very happy with GE appliances in the past.  This oven is a more high-end oven than any I had previously had, however, I think I like it less.  It is very roomy!!!  (this coming from a 24" oven)  It does have several adjustable shelves.  One major drawback:  It takes FOREVER to warm up to cooking temperature.  It might take as long as 15-20 minutes to get to 350 or 400. If you mistype the temperature or decide to change it, you must retype the whole temperature every time, no up and down arrows to adjust.  I have often used the convection feature and do find that it does cook food more quickly, but I do find the food not cooking evenly (as convection is supposed to do)  It often is hotter either in the front or back and the middle still is not finished.  I like the look of the stainless...of course, it does show all finger prints.  The buttons are often insensitive and must be punched several times to register.  Overall, cooks fine, but the extra features are not worth the extra cost.  Capacity huge! Performance takes too long to warm up and even with convection bake does not seem to cook evenly Ease of Use hard to change temperature or other settings in the midst of cooking without turning off the oven first. Design see above

Spring, TX


GE PT916SMSS Stainless Steel Electric Oven

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