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Ge 169053/169077 Blender

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Nice Blender


I have owned this blender for several years now. First of all I am not a smoothie drinker and don't use a blender often. But occasionally the need does arise for one. I purchased this model at a big box store because it was stainless to match my appliances and it was a mid priced blender from a familiar brand. For what I use it for which is making occasional milk shakes for the grandchildren it works great. This was not the heaviest blender nor the most expensive on the shelf but simply their mid range model. For somewhat light use this has been a good buy for my family. Blending Power This blender tends to get bogged down easily. For instance frozen fruit or ice can really slow it down. If it is just liquids it works great. I have used mine for mincing dried garlic and it worked great for that. Ease of Cleaning I like that the pitcher comes apart for easy cleaning and can be washed in simply warm soapy water without any problems. Snaps right back together simply and ready to go. The base is simply wiped with a rag with warm soapy water and it will remove any splashes and splatters. Ease of Use Simple to operate. Design Can be taken apart for easy cleaning. Good heavy glass pitcher. Like the rubber lid with the small clear piece in the middle that can be removed to drop things through. Lid fits tightly. Several speeds and settings. Overall pretty good design. Durability Mine has held up for several years now and performed well. I do not however use it heavily.



Blender Dreams Crushed!


I purchased the Ge 169053/169077 Blender because it matches our black/stainless steel kitchen appliances. Also, I thought that it would blend well because General Electric is a credible brand. Little did I know that this particular blender really does not blend much. I tried making smoothies on a couple of different occasions and it did not crush the ice at all. I had to keep opening it and moving the ice around so it could get crushed in the blender. This was very time-consuming and frustrating. I would not recommend this product for smoothies, but it works decently for mushy foods, if you ever wanted to make your own baby food with it (green beans, peaches, etc). Also, it works fine for blending liquids together--just nothing solid. Basically, this blender does not do much more than you could do yourself with just a fork or spoon and a bowl. One good this is that it provides measurement on the side of the pitcher.



GE Digital Blender


I love it Blending Power Has so much power I was amazed Versatility Easy to use and easy to clean up Ease of Cleaning So easy to clean up a child can do it Ease of Use The buttons are so easy to use Design Great design and looks so modern love it love it love it Durability Very durable love the large gear on the bottom of the glass container and it will last for several years



Ge 169053/169077 Blender

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