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GE 12-cup Digital Coffee Maker


GE digital coffee maker has a programmable brew-start timer. Gourmet brew technology, enhanced brew system gives you coffee house taste at home. Quick brew technology, brews 40 percent faster than conventional drip coffee makers. Filtration system, keeps water fresh for better tasting coffee.

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Satisfied with tasty coffee


When our last coffee pot came to the end of its full and happy life, we purchased this GE coffee pot as a larger and newer version of the one we had had before. This coffee pot makes very good coffee, it brews quickly (slightly slower on the gourmet setting, but it is still fast), and it is easy to use. I really appreciate the simple design and the easy to use and easy to clean buttons on this coffee pot. Another reason we purchased this coffee pot was for the reusable coffee filter. It works well and we do not end up with grounds in our coffee. The one complaint I have is that sometimes a lot of water ends up evaporating or somehow disappearing from the machine. This does not happen consistently and this morning after cleaning it, it did not happen. But it is weird to begin with 8 cups of water and end up with barely 6 cups of coffee for example. Brew Performance This machine brews great. Our coffee tastes good (I think the filters help) and it brews quickly. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning it with vinegar and water is quick but the clean setting on the machine takes a while. Ease of Use Love the clean simple buttons and clear layout! I appreciate that there are not too many crazy options. The two hatches in the back are also nice because they are both short enough that they do not hit the bottom of my cabinets. Design Simple, clear design. It is a basic coffee pot with a bit more sophistication and options. The one complaint I have is that the time is hard to read. Now it has a blue background with black numbers which do not show up as well as on our old GE machine. Durability Good so far, we have had this one for about a month. The last GE coffee pot we had lasted a good three years and we were quite happy with that.



GE 12-cup Digital Coffee Maker

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