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Gatorade Glacier Freeze

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The original thirst quencher.


I have always enjoyed the taste and thirst quenching capabilities of Gatorade. I feel like a real athlete when I have a hard workout and feel that just plain water isn't going to cut it. Glacier Freeze is a newer flavor of Gatorade; it's been around for 5-10 years I'd guess. Like other Gatorades, it isn't highly sweetened or overpoweringly flavored. It has a subtle flavor that tastes a bit like berries and ice. It is very refreshing. It is also my son's favorite. He always says he wants the blue one. I don't know if other parents do this, but we usually get Gatorade for the kids when they are sick. It's a good way to keep them hydrated and to replace electrolytes. Plus, when you're sick, a little treat goes a long way to making you feel better.



This gatorade has amazing taste and quenches your thirst!


There are so many athletes in the world today that need a sports drink to satisfy them. The athletes need to be hydrated and replenished so they're bodies can keep working as they play and love their own sport. Gatorade Glacier Freeze is delicious tasting gatorade that is a light blue color. Like all gatorade, it is to keep the athletes hydrated so they can perform to their very best. There are many different flavors of gatorade and this one happens to be my personal favorite. As an athlete, I am always buying this flavor of gatorade. It doesn't necessarily make me perform better compared to if I drink a different flavor of gatorade, but it tastes better to me. It's not too sweet, it is just right. I love gatorade also because you can buy it in packs and make it separately if you don't want to buy the bottles all the time. Glacier Freeze has such a great taste and it always keeps me hydrated when I need it the most.

Findlay, OH


Gatorade Glacier Freeze

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