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Gateway desktop computer

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Loved the configuration, but it's destroyed 3 hard drives


I loved the idea that the Gateway came with dual AMD chips and lots of media card slots and USB ports to use but when it was 50 weeks old, it crashed a hard drive.  I called and they sent me a new hard drive to install, and I extended my warranty.  I bought a big 500G external hard drive and started over.  A month later, the hard drive crashed.  I called Gateway and was really upset.  I sent the system back and they changed out the hard drive, and did an extended "burn in" to set the hard drive to the computer system.  Guess what?  It worked for about 4 months and the hard drive crashed... so hard that it won't even spin.  Now they are sending another system out to me... which is taking over 3 weeks.  I loved the system but have been sooo frustrated with the crashes.   By the time I get everything back on it, it crashes again.  Now they are sending me a replacement system (either the same model or a slightly upgraded model), and I will not be able to extend the warranty again.  goo thing I extended it for 2 years when I got lthe first hard drive replacement.  It I hadn't had that extension, I would be out of luck totally since the workbox seems to be the thing causing all the crashes.

Nazareth, PA


Gateway desktop computer

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