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Gateway desktop computer

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Great new computer


I bought this one because I liked that I could upgrade the memory if needed it came with 2 gb but can be upgrade to 4. Computer is nice fast and easy to install with lots of ports for usb another plus. Mouse was nice that came with it has a comfy feel to it.

Emmett, ID


Gateway GT5438: A Great Desktop.


I have always stood by Gateway products due to their quality and longevity. In fact, I have a Gateway that's over 10 years old that's still running smoothly. (An average lifespan for a desktop PC is 6 years.) The GT5438 is my latest Gateway acquisition, and it is a solid purchase. The PC comes with Windows Vista and an Intel Core 2 Duo E4300, which is a dual-core CPU at 1.8 GHz. What that means is that it's up-to-date and extremely fast. In addition, the GT5438 comes with 2 GB of RAM, which is plenty of memory for normal computing and even games. The included hard drive is a "Serial ATA," which is faster than the "PATA's" of earlier computers. (For those that do not understand, it means that the hard drive in the GT5438 is faster than an older one.) So, for those looking for a solid computer that will achieve the standard expectations of a current-generation desktop PC, the GT5438 is an excellent choice. With an emphasis on speed, it's hard not to like the GT5438 and its many capabilities.

Burlington, MA


Bang for Buck


Gateway is known for making quality products for the mainstream at affordable prices, and this is what this is. This computer isn't the new state of the art machine that's a "must have" however. If your tasks generally deal with browsing the internet, online chatting, word processing, using MS Office, listening to music, and/or watching movies then this computer is perfect for you and the price is just right. The fact that gateway throws in some decent quality speakers for you is also a booster to purchase this bad boy. If you do, however, like to use your computer for more cpu-processing tasks such as multitasking, creative suite, video games, etc then this computer might not be for you. If this is all you can afford in your budget, I would suggest upgrading the 2gb of ram to 4 gb of ram because Window's Vista just doesn't run correctly on 2gb of RAM...or find yourself another prebuilt machine that has Window's 7 preloaded.

Burbank, CA


Gateway desktop computer

3.7 3