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Gateway SX2855-UR21P (PTGCFP2002) PC Desktop

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Perfect for my needs!


I know the other reviews say its not worth the money, but I haven't had a single problem with this machine and we have had it for almost 2 years now. It suits our needs just fine in our household! It runs quick , graphics are great truly happy with the purchase of this computer! Ease of Use Very easy to use! That is saying something considering I am not the most electronically inclined person in the world. Hardware Quality I haven't had a single issue with this computer since we purchased it. Support & Service I gave it a six simply because I have had no problems with the machine so have not had to use support and service. Durability it holds up to my kids and my nephews and nieces Design I love the sleek design of it Performance I am very impressed at the quality and performance of this desktop computer! It never lags down any of my programs, it quickly gets me from site to site that I need to get to, none of my games are slowed down like my old computer used to, overall it is well worth the price! Thinking of buying a second one for my nephew!



Bad experience all around


I returned this product after less than a week. After getting the computer turned on and setup it said to create a backup disc. It did not come with a backup and restore disc itself which required me to create a backup myself. After the second disc of backing itself up the computer froze. It was frozen for hours and eventually I was able to turn it off and get out the disc but I was not able to create a backup disc to recover from. The computer had errors every day and was constantly restarting. The build quality of the computer is average but there was definitely something wrong with the software. I would not recommend a gateway computer to any potential buyer. Ease of Use The computer requires you to create your own backup and restore disc when you first get is setup. This can take hours of may not work at all. Hardware Quality The hardware seemed to be of average quality. Design The design is pleasing and there are plenty of vents to keep the computer cool.



Poor choice for a desktop


This desktop does not meet any standards. It is slow when using windows 8. If you get it don't upgrade your software. Ease of Use It is easy to use and work with, but does not have any SD card options. Hardware Quality It says it is compatible with Windows 8, but it does not perform when upgraded. Performance It is very slow and most apps in Windows 8 won't work with this computer.

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Gateway SX2855-UR21P (PTGCFP2002) PC Desktop

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