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Gateway Notebook PC

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It is a dependable computer.


This computer has only a 40 gig hard drive but it has been adquate for my purposes.  After upgrading the memory to a gig it speed and internet processing greatly improved . It is a little on the heavy side as for as weight is concern. It is not wireless internet ready. It can become wireless with a internet wireless card for it has a slot for it. It has four USB ports, earphone plug-in and microphone plug-in. The battery life is about 2 hours long. Even  though this computer is a few years old, it work very well the newer programs I have not had a problem with it hardfware. This computer is also very well built for I knock it off it table on to the floor and it survive the fall with out any problems whatsoever. It has a plug in for wired internet sevices There is also a port for video out put. This computer can probably be only bought used because it is several years olds. I would highly reccommend it.

Los Angeles, CA


Gateway Notebook PC

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