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Gateway Notebook PC

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Would never choose this for myself


My husband bought me a laptop for our anniversary two years ago. It was very sweet and badly needed, and I was definitely excited (though disappointed that my tech-less husband didn't let me pick it out!). I started using it and the excitement quickly gave way to disappointment, and then disgust, and then pain. Yes, pain. Things that bothered me at first were the operating system (Vista- ugh!), the fact that he chose a computer with only a pathetic trial of Office (ok, I guess that is not really the computer's fault), and how slow it is. It also crashes ad freezes up CONSTANTLY- before you say "spyware issue", everything comes back clean, and I have had no issues with any other computer like I have with this one. Then come the big problems: The battery was kaput within a few months, and now cannot hold a charge for more than a few minutes. I have had to replace the AC adaptor twice- TWICE!- in the last year because they just stop working. The absolute worst part about this lousy computer is the fact that, within minutes of starting, the entire bottom of the laptop gets so extremely hot that it can't be set down on my lap or anything else that might touch skin- and it stays so hot that it can't be set down on its back for long periods at all- otherwise the computer starts to overheat and it slows down even more! Next time, honey, I'd like a Dell!

Canton, GA


It's pretty good for what was paid minus a few problems.


My daughter got this for herself because her hp tower wasn't working properly and at the time she needed the internet access. She hasn't complained once about it and says it works great all the time, no matter what you're using it for. It charges fast and it's not heavy, but her cord is coming apart. As long as you get the warranty for the cord you should be alright with this. She can surf the web, write papers, play games, IM and everything without a fuss. It's fast and power efficient with several power settings to choose from, and even a way to personalize them. She can take pictures with the webcam that turn out great and the quality of burnt CD's is that of a more expensive one. It's withheld being dropped a few times and even having stuff spilt on it from my one year old. We got the 2 year warranty as a precaution but have only had to use it for the cord. The keys are easily removeable for easy cleaning if something is spilt, and the volume and music + dvd controls are right on the key board. Just be careful of the wireless switch on the side, she's lost several things as a result of her hitting the switch. I would reccomend this to anyone who needs a great quality laptop, for anything.

Brandenburg, KY


Gateway Notebook PC

3.0 2