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Gateway Notebook PC

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Gateway laptops are very reliable and great systems.


This system has overall been very good and reliable.  I have had to replace the hard drive in this system, but was very easy to do.  One complaint I have - Gateway doesn't give you install CD's.  This has been bad because I have no program available to write CD's or DVD's and this computer should be able to do that.  I also am not even able to view DVD's which has been a big bummer at times.  However, as I said I still recommend this computer and we have several Gateway laptops I recommend them as a company.  If you're looking at downloading a lot I would go with a computer with a bit more memory or speed.  I am on the internet a lot and it is decent - could be faster.  If you are a gamer, you may find that this system is a bit too slow for any of that type of application.  I have watched tv shows on line and have had no problem wiht that.  Very easy to use - great for beginners as well.  Easy to set up and get started with no problem.

Clarksville, TN


Gateway Notebook PC

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