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Gateway Notebook PC

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I love my Gateway MX7118, but it's had problems from the start!


I received my Gateway MX7118 laptop computer in December 2006, and though I love it, it has had problems from the start. Here's the dirt: The CMOS battery was dead right off the shelf, and to replace it, the entire laptop had to be sent back to Gateway, where they had to wipe out the hard drive and start over. Ridiculous. Luckily I had only had it a week or so and hadn't installed much yet. After a year (and the warranty), the screen began to flicker between low and bright.  I suspect a short in the wiring, but it's not enough problem to send it back yet again and pay for repairs. My husband says my screen is unusually dim all the time. It's also very heavy, at 7.5 lbs. Paint began peeling off the bottom after about 6 months, especially on the processor compartment. I'm constantly finding little rubbery black paint chips on my legs! That said, this is my first laptop, and like your first car, you love it in spite of its shortcomings. It  has two media card readers, 2 USB ports, and a digital camera cable slot on the left side, and an S-Video slot and 2 USB ports in the back. Speakers are not great. The touchpad is easy to use, but the scroll portion is temperamental. In hindsight I would not have gotten this computer. It has had various little problems and I think I could have found a better one at about the same price.

Farmville, NC


Gateway Notebook PC

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