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Gateway Notebook PC

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It's been a very good computer since I got it.


This laptop performs well and is great for all my pc use. I am a basic user, but I imagine this would be good for almost anyone. It is fast and has a quick start up. I use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Money for billpay. I love the way this laptop has simplified my life. Easy connection to the internet.

Tobyhanna, PA


excellent notebook for the price!!


I bought this laptop about a year ago.  Gateway has been by far the best computer I have owned (out of Averatec, Compaq, HP, Dell).  Battery life is average and some of the keys are in strange posotions on the keyboard, but everything else exceeds my expectations.  A great laptop!!!

Southaven, MS


Very functional and user really does work!


This is a great product.  I was a little apprehensive when I purchased it...afraid that it would not really do what they said it would.  The salesman was very helpful and honest with his explanations of what this fantastic product was capable of.  You can jump from program to program with the pen and write in just about everything...I have not found one program that I could use the pen in. It also learns to recognize your handwriting if you wnat to convert writing to typing.  You can draw, write, highlight, edit, proof read, spruce-up presentations..and, just for fun, your kids can draw pictures (with FULL COLOR) and email them to someone. Very fun. My ONLY dissapointment is that it is sometimes slow to strart up and open up programs.  Once we get going, though, its FABULOUS!!!!!  

Joelton, TN


I hated this computer!


I got this computer after my desktop died.  At first it seemed to be a great buy but 3 days after the one year warranty ended the power button stopped working.  Since the button is just a plastic piece that doesn't actually turn the thing on, I had to take a dremel and drill a hole so that I could use a paper clip to reach the button.  Then, 3 weeks after that, it started shutting off for no reason.  It wasn't overheating or anything.  There wasn't a virus.  The computer just was horrible.  And the battery never worked for more than 15 minutes.  I would never buy a Gateway again.

Gainesville, GA


Gateway Notebook PC

3.5 4