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Gateway Notebook PC

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Good laptop for the price paid


I purchased this Gateway laptop originally for business use.  It ended up being my home laptop and has had very heavy use.  I have experienced one problem in particular that may be due to the heavy use this laptop has received:  several of the keys have fallen off and a few others simply got "sticky."  Fortunately, there is a web site that sells individual keys and the pieces that go under the key and attach to the keyboard or I would have had to try to replace the entire keyboard.  While Gateway has an excellent reputation for quality, I was a little surprised that the keyboard would be that flimsy.  I ordered to replacement keys from the online site and my husband reattached them.  They fell off one more time and he replaced them again.  So far, they are staying on the keyboard this time.  Also, the upper right DEL key and the left side CAPS LOCK keys are hard to press down and may be the next candidates for falling off.  I really like this computer overall, but do be aware that just having the Gateway name doesn't necessarily mean good quality.


Perry, FL


It's a great computer, Gateway is a good brand name.


For a computer that was bought used, my computer has been a great computer. I would say the computer that is shown on this page is a great computer. This is the first lap top computer I have had and I love it. It is handy, it comes up fast. It takes up less space then a regular computer does. I would recommend this  type of computer to anyone who is looking for a lap top computer. They are worth while and well worth the money you spend on them. I didn't have to spend a whole lot on my computer and it is just like brand new.


Tollesboro, KY


works well


The gateway laptop computer MX8741really works althrough there are a few kinks. for one thing it frequently sends to the gateway store instead of your hompage this is annoying.I has microsoft vista included whch I have found easy to work. The screen is large for a laptop (17") there was a fair ammount of software include some of which I could do without but good software was included too. I would buy this laptop again but would hope would not interfere with my logging on process by putting i n thier adveristing if I want anthing I'll ask for it


Garnerville, NY


Not bad, but had a few kinks


My experience with this laptop has been good since I recived a good working one. When I bought it we had received one that had a blown pixel. We returned it and got one that has been wonderful ever since. My sister bought the same one and her mother board blew in less than a year. Overall, MY experiece was good, my sister's not so good.


Marysville, MI


Gateway Notebook PC

4.0 4