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Gateway Notebook PC

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This Gateway gets way too hot.


My experience with this Gateway MT6841 Notebook PC is that it gets way too hot.  I think this is a common problem.  I don't think I would ever get a gateway again because of it.  I did really like the computer but after just having it for about a year it begin to get extremely hot and would shut off.  I have searched the issue and this seems to be pretty common.  I'm not saying all of them are like this but enough seem to be that I would not classify it as an isolated incident with my computer.  I got a cooling pad which helps enough to make it useable but I wouldn't buy the laptop again if I could redo it.  Some people's experience may be different but that was mine.  If it wasn't for the heat it would be a good laptop.  It has good useability and adjustable settings.  It did seem to freeze up more often than most laptops but this was probably just do to the heat issue progressing.  Overall I wouldn't recommend it.

Hendersonville, TN


Computer, DVD player and recorder, phone, fax ...all in one!!!


This is the first laptop I ever bought by myself for myself and it is well-worth every penny I worked and spent for it! It's a bit heavy at 6.4 lbs especially when travelling to different countries and quite big with its 15.4" monitor but I don't mind. I specifically bought it with watching DVD's in mind and I enjoy it. I do most of my exercise DVD's with it in my room so I don't have to fight with anyone over the TV set. I'm also a writer and editor so its speed (2.0 GHz) and capacity (2048 MB RAM and 160 GB HD) are very handy. I get to download the stuff I need and the research I make on the internet very quickly. I can store everything on the spacious harddrive without worrying if it will fit or not! And with its internal modem and strong wi-fi, I can easily work on it anywhere I go and fax whatever needs faxing as necessary. Plus, with 4 (2.0) Hi-Speed USB ports, I can sync my Ipod and PDA without having to take out the printer cable and the cooling fan cable... Don't get me wrong, the machine doesn't get that hot but when I'm in "hot" countries like the Philippines, I just want to make sure that my laptop is protected:) Last note: Gateway is a really good brand. None of our Gateway computers have ever needed servicing so it hasn't really mattered whether a Service Center is available in an area or not!

Chula Vista, CA


Gateway Notebook PC

3.5 2