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Gateway Notebook PC

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Best gaming laptop i have ever used the gateway p 6831 fx


The Gateway P6831-fx is the best gaming laptop that i have ever come in contact with.  It plays any game that you could possibly want to play. its fantastic. I love all the features that it has and i absolutely love love love the way it looks. it is black and orange, the perfect color combo for a computer. It lights up with orange lights and has orange all around the keyboard and also a orange stripe on the top that says FX in the middle of it. It is AMAZING I would not trade it for another laptop. It was a bit on the expensive side but it was well worth the price to get to play all the games that you could ever want. It will even run all the guitar hero games, which happen to be my favorite to play on it. it has a nvidia geforce 8800m gt gaming card in it.  3 GB of ram, 120 gig hard drive, 1.66 ghz, and a intel centrino core duo 2 cpu.  It also came with Windows Vista Home premium service pack 2. Everything about this computer is great. It does everything a regular laptop can do and more.  If you like to play games then this is definately the laptop for you.


Elizabethtown, KY


If your a Gamer, Or into music, pictures, and videos this is for


One Word says it all (Perfect)! I'd recommend this to anyone out there it truely is great.  3rd best graphics card out there. Very fast Processing. Lots of space to save all those precious pictures, movies, games, anything. Very Sleek design! Light-weight. You will be glad you bought this. It is good for all-people. Web developers, Gamers, Artists, anyone.


Chuckey, TN


Gateway Notebook PC

5.0 2