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Gateway Notebook PC

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Cant get over the Spacey look!


Great computer works perfectly! Easy to hold and move around with. Keyboards are nice easy to type. Computer screen is big and easy to read the characters when writing, reading, spacing through the net. If you are looking for a nice computer this one is the right one for you. I love gateway and have been a steady purchaser of them. I would recommend this computer to anyone that wants a super computer at a reasonable price that can be on ur budget.

Princeton, LA


Like a dream with great service!


The only complaint about this laptop is, obviously, Windows Vista.  Horrible program.  Other than that, the laptop runs smoothly at lightning fast speeds.  The laptop itself does not get overly hot either.  And Gateway has wonderful customer service.  I have dealt with them for almost 10 years through 2 desktops and this laptop and have always been very pleased with their service.  Even if you didn't go for this particular model, I would still highly recommend any Gateway computer.

Deland, FL




very very good computer, it is extrmely fast i was able to upload 60gb of music and video files in a short ammount of time, of course I modified everything to the best it could be which then made it super heavy and that was not fun carrying around but it is good and had to unistall windows vista cause bill gates likes to copyu apples and re installed xp to make it run faster but after i blew it up a few times and mad4e it new again it worked amazingly

Apache Junction, AZ


Gateway Notebook PC

4.7 3