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Gateway MT6451 Notebook PC

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This Gateway Notebook Rocks!


This Laptop has performance, power and the ability to get the job done for you in a very easy and intuitive manner. Has great graphics, an excellent processor and will tackle just about anything you put on it. This is an excellent computer for someone needing portability in an easy to carry format. It would also be great for a student at any level. It has enough uses to justify it as a back-up or secondary computer if you so choose to do. While there are more expensive and faster laptops on the electronics market, don't miss an opportunity to avail yourself of this computer's capabilities and possibilities for use in the business world as a possible travel-computer. It can and does handle the internet well and will meet all but the most intensive number-crunching programs you throw at it. Battery Life One thing about his computer that you have to reckon with is that the battery-life is a little on the short end. At the best, I got 2 hours of continuous use. At it's worse, I got 1 and 1/2 hours. Don't know why that happened. BUt make sure you carry the charger with you if you anticipate any type of heavy use.


Desoto, TX


Wow, 9 years and still going strong


I inherited one of these from a gracious family friend and after 9 years it still runs great. Yep, its slower, and it takes a while to "think" but considering how long its been operating, I"m SUPER impressed! We have newer computers but I love to use this and take it with me on trips. Having a portable option to a desktop is REALLY great. Ease of Use This is easy to type with, and I'm always writing so that's important to me. In fact, it was one of the most important things to me. I need the bigger screen/size/weight JUST for the keys to be bigger. This fits the bill. Battery Life Right now, the battery life is GONE. It was mostly plugged into the wall, but the battery still didn't survive 9 years. It won't hold the charge more than 15-30 minutes after fully charging. But I don't blame the battery really. Its just old age. :) I can't actually speak to the original capacity b/c I didn't own it then. Support & Service I'm going to say good but I have no expertise in this area, being a secondhand machine. I expect Gateway to have pretty run of the mill service. Technology only lasts so long... so I probably wont get this fixed if it dies. Speed/Performance Right now its slow, but its been through 9 years. So all things considered, the speed is "good." :) Design I think they did a great job designing it. USBs easy to reach. DVD drive easy to open. Keyboard is EXCELLENT, as stated above, power plug is self explanatory, I like the laptop scroll options (something I'm getting used to) and of course the computer itself is great. Durability This is one category I CAN testify to: after 9 years its working great. Its slightly slower, but works fine. The body housing itself is also quite durable. It doesn't feel cheap. All and all I think this was a good buy then, and I'm happy to have it now.




Love this PC


When we moved, my desktop got crunched in transit. (Always buy the insurance moving companies offer) Therefore, I was without a computer. We went out to find a new one and found this. It took some time to get used to a laptop, but It has been a great computer. I"ve been a die-hard HP user, but I really do love this laptop.


Peachtree City, GA


This Is a really nice laptup.


First of all, This Gateway MT6451 is a great laptop. I am very happy with this product. This laptop is equipped with a 120GB hard drive and a AMD Turion 64 TL-50. This laptop is Windows Vista, but comes with only 1GB of RAM (Memory.) Therefore, my processor makes it run normally. This laptop comes with a widescreen display. I would recommend it to a friend!


Pittsfield, MA


Model MA3 so far has met most of my expectations for a laptop


My gateway laptopModel No MA3 is such an intricate part of my day to day life and I feel like I would be lost without it.  It is so versital to meet my needs for emails; looking up information and most importantly checking out information on the watchtower library.  This laptop is great for travel and everyday use.  So far in three plus years, this computer is consumer friendly and when I do need help or assistance it is easily accessible online.  I love being able to email pixs to my friends and the weight and freedom of taking my laptop where I need to go has meet all of my needs.  This computer interfaces well with traveling at hotels, which is a must for me due to my busy schedule for business and pleasure. The Gateway Model No MA3 would be a wonderful laptop for anyone wanting a high performance, reliable computer that is there when you need it.  As a person that really depends on my laptop on a daily basis, it is wonderful to know that I can depend on my Gateway Model No MA3 as a teammate that I can depend on.  Dependabilty for my pleasure and go business is of the utmost importance.  


Roanoke, VA


I will not purchase a Gateway in the future.


We purchased this Gateway because it seemed to have everything that I needed for basic home use. Unfortunately we found that it seemed to move rather slow. The widescreen is nice to have and has good color. There have been some major repairs on this gently used laptop. First the AC jack inside the computer broke away and had to be replaced. This has happened twice in the two years we have owned it. Second, the hinge between the screen and the base has broke and there is not way to fix it. The broken hinge also makes the panel along the top that ties into the on/off button pop off. This is quite annoying. We ended up adding more RAM to the computer and this has seemed to help the slowness of the machine a bit. The overall performance is not too bad. They offer all the things a person would want for the home. Due to the issues with the hardware though, we will not purchase a Gateway in the future. I would not recommend it to a friend either.


Gilbert, AZ


This does everything and more than I need


A great laptop, easy to use. Not a computer junkie so I need easy. Took it out of th ebox and It was working in 5 min. that is great for me. The only thing I don't like is Windows Vista can be a pain, haveing to allow everything over and over,  but I love it.


Lehi, UT


not enough volume


This is an ok computer.  We did have some trouble and had to send it back to Gateway for them to fix it, the laptop got too hot and fried the hard drive.  Works great since it has been fixed.  It is very easy to navigate through the programs, but not much hard drive we did have to upgrade that also.


Newark, OH


Very Reliable


I find that my Gateway is very reliable and is pretty quick. I give a good beating and it keeps ticking. Gateway customer service is always there to help when needed. I could always use more ram but that's just me. I really like the wide screen but it's not to big, just right. 


Tucson, AZ


Overall, a computer is just a piece of equiptment.


I love our gateway.  It's great for at home but what we loved the most about it was that it survived my husband's tour in Iraq with absolutely no problems.  So...I gotta say it's pretty durable.  I use it mostly for typing stuff up and getting online to do work related things online but my husband uses it mostly for gaming.  It has great sound and great graphics and it loads everything really fast.  When I do play games I don't ever have any problems with the graphics dragging or anything like that so overall we're very happy with our gateway.


Lacey, WA


Gateway MT6451 Notebook PC

3.9 12