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Gateway MA7 Notebook PC

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I love my laptop!


I have a laptop, It is A Gateway And im not 100% on the model of it I obtained it "as is" in a used condition in proper working condition.  I like this laptop a lot.  I make music on it with a program called Fruity Loops by FLSTUDIO.  I promote with it also, Other things I would like to include about this Gateway laptop computer i own are:1. Its fast 2:Its reliable 3. I use myspace, facebook and other social networking sites with it. 4. Its very nice looking. 5. it has a big hard drive and quite a few upgrades from my last computer. Those are just a few things to mention about this Gateway laptop.  I don't know whatelse to say about it, hmm.. I can stream music and live video like Television channels online, or music from my favorite artists, or my own music! haha!! It also serves a great business purpose for me since I got Microsoft office installed  I use Microsoft Office's EXCEL worksheet for mhy client manegment.

Sacramento, CA


Gateway laptop is great!


I got this laptop as a gift a little over two years ago and since I have recieved it, it has given me no problems. I have enjoyed using it and with a wide screen it is fully functional and great for viewing movies and shows because of the large screen. I also love the Windows DVD viewer becaues I watch movies on my computer and even if I take out the DVD, no matter where I stop it, when I put the DVD back into my computer it starts it right where I left it off. I love that because I don't have to remember anything and I don't have to fight with trying to fast forward or rewind or anything like that with my movies. It is also really easy to use other programs, like ITunes and I use my this computer to put music onto my Ipod and I also put pictures from my camera on here. There is nothing that is hard to find or use on this computer and it can hold a lot of things. It was really nice to have all the space because I just graduated from college so it could hold all my work.

La Porte, TX


Get from Best Buy!!


Do not buy any computers, laptops, tv from other stores.  ONLY BEST BUY!!  because best buy has very best service with warranty that will cover your damage and customer abuse while other stores dont.  i am very satisfied with my laptop that fit me.  no need to get very top quality laptop, choose what is good enough for you.

Wasilla, AK


Gateway MA7 Notebook PC

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