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Gateway ID49C11u (884483638390) PC Notebook

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Decent Budget Computer


I bought this computer to replace my previous windows computer that I spent three times as much on. I wanted a budget replacement and this fit the bill. It died right before a year, but the customer service center in India was no help. They refuse to fix anything and tried to get me to buy all sorts of protection. Since then, I have been able to salvage the computer, but with terrible battery life and unreliable performance, I moved on to a better computer. Ease of Use It's a typical windows computer. Pretty easy to use. The light up touch pad got comments here and there, but nothing really special. Battery Life The battery life on this laptop is a joke. It started at roughly 3 hours, but within a year it was down to roughly 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I could not even get through an entire class without my laptop shutting off. Support & Service Gateways customer service is among the worst I have ever dealt with. They will not fix anything and will demand you buy "upgraded" warranty service. It is a complete joke. Design It is decently well design. I recently replaced the screen and it was pretty easy to do on my own which is great. Durability Strictly for what I paid, it was durable. For the price I paid, I could not expect a computer that would last forever. I would have liked it to last longer (and for Gateway to honor their warranty), but it was the final straw with windows so I guess that's a good thing (unless you are microsoft)

Lake Villa, IL


Awful Computer-Buyer Beware


This computer is poor quality, and Gateway has horrible customer service. Ease of Use Easy to use, just like any other Windows computer. One annoying thing is that there's a video camera tab that randomly comes down from the top of the screen if you get too close to it. Battery Life The battery lasts for quite a long time. It's totally for looks. but I like the bar that changes from orange to blue when it's charged. Support & Service I had to fight with a customer service rep for over an hour to fix my computer for a problem that was all Gateway's fault. Later, when my computer wouldn't charge, they sent me a new battery, which was nice. But when my computer randomly started turning off, they wouldn't do ANYTHING to fix it for me, even though it was their fault. I've written a letter to their CEO, which was never answered. This method has worked wonders for me when dealing with HP, but not Gateway. It's like they don't even care about their customers. I will never buy Gateway again. And talking to other people in the computer industry (even those who have previously worked AT Gateway) they say to never buy one. I wish I would've known this before buying. Speed/Performance It works quickly, but that's only a plus if the computer stays on (which it doesn't). I can't stress enough that you should NEVER BUY THIS COMPUTER!!!!! Design I like the silver color, and the keypad lights up which is cool. Durability Obviously it doesn't hold up well. 6 months after buying it I had my first problem with it. While it was still under warranty, Gateway wouldn't fix my computer until I argued with them for over an hour. Then The computer wouldn't charge all the way, so I had to argue to get a new battery (while it was still under warranty). And then it started randomly turning off and they refused to fix it (while it was STILL under warranty). I HATE this computer.

Portland, OR


Gateway ID49C11u (884483638390) PC Notebook

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