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Gateway Aspire AS5750Z-4877 (LXRL802011) PC Notebook

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Still prefer Dell


A great laptop, but a bit overpriced. This was purchased as a replacement through an extended warranty plan from a store. Not as good as the original Dell it replaced, but 6 months later, its hard to find an exact match of what you had for the same price. It does what it needs to do, but the memory isn't as big and performance is a bit slower. Ease of Use Its as easy to use as any other standard Windows run laptop. Battery Life Rarely use it on battery power alone, so not sure how long the battery lasts alone. Design Standard laptop design, nothing fancy or special Durability It has stood up to hard use and lots of travel for about a year, with no major damage. It shows signs of wear and tear, but it still works perfectly!

House Springs, MO


Gateway Aspire AS5750Z-4877 (LXRL802011) PC Notebook

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