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Gateway 22-Inch LCD Monitor

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An overall great lcd monitor.


Overall pretty good monitor.  Screen is clear and sharp.  Speed is ok for gaming.  Video appears clear.  DVDs appear very clear.  Some backlight spills over, especially on top of screen, but not worse than most other lcd's.  The USB ports are a nice extra.  Has VGA, component, S-Video, and composite video inputs.  Though I haven't tried HD on this monitor, it can handle High Definition video up to 1080p via the DVI and Component video inputs.  This monitor is PIP capable.  You can watch video input through the S-Video, or composite video connections in a PIP window.  The monitor menu controls are a little different.  On power up, there are two touch sensitive buttons on the side of the monitor frame.  One is the power button.  The other turns the menu screen on and off.  When the menu is turned on, other menu buttons on the side light up, and their corresponding actions appear on screen next to them.  Some people find it very slick, others annoying.   The biggest downside of this monitor is the short one year warranty that Gateway offers.

Roseville, CA


seeing is believing


Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor, this is  great monitor , clear and clean looking not too mention the size , sturdy base , addition to VGA and DVI connections for desktops it's pretty useable to any computer or laptop usage the video device is great ,   ****

Minocqua, WI


Good monitor, better out there


Owned this Gateway 4350 for over 2 years now, upgraded moniter.  Moniter is very clear, nice color, doesnt strain eyes. Only problem is it has been going blurry and shakes at times. Had to reset resolution to correct, but problem returned. Not sure why it does it and the warranty has been long expired. Would not recommend as an upgrade, but if included with new pc, it will be great for about 1 year.

Newburgh, NY


Gateway 22-Inch LCD Monitor

3.7 3