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Gateway 17.3 Inch Laptop Notebook NV79C48U

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Using it now, love it


Pretty much the best computer for me. I happen to love the size of it (other like smaller computers). I would not call this a gaming computer however, because I have about 5 or 6 games installed and it really cannot handle running some of the higher graphics ones. I still love it, and I accept this because it is not a gaming computer. Ease of Use Nice and easy to use, I got used to it immediately. Battery Life I think the battery life is adequate, it doesn't disappoint me often. Support & Service Haven't really used the support or service, but I'm sire IF I did have a problem, I could get good help. Speed/Performance It's pretty speedy, and I've never not loved it before. I am so happy I have this computer. Design I like the design, I think that the front where its all wavy and textured could be done away with though, because it is weird to put on a decorative cling-cover. Durability I have had this computer for around 4 years, and it has never broken, gotten slower battery life, dropped performance speed, or anything else. I'm very satisfied with this computer.



Love my new laptop!


This was a Christmas present from my Mother this year. I love the size, picture quality and amount of memory. It is a very fast laptop which I love, it helps to have high speed internet available but it can be used with dial up if needed. It has 4 HDMI ports which are great for me because I have it hooked up to my television screen most of time. This requires at least one HDMI port for me. It's nice to be able to sit back and use my laptop and have the large flat screen TV display. I decided to purchase a Gateway after talking to a few friends and doing some instore comparisons. The price was very competitive and all of the features I needed were included. I wanted a large, clear screen and at least two HDMI ports.

Flat Rock, MI


Gateway 17.3 Inch Laptop Notebook NV79C48U

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