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Garnier Vibrant Colors 100% Permanent Blue Black

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What natural hair color?


Couldn't ask for a better hair coloring kit. I have natural dark brown hair and it covered it after one dye. I dyed it an intense red and was very pleased with the results. I hate when I have to buy a couple of boxes of hair dye just to get the effect I want. I suggest that if you do use it you will want to lay down painters drop clothes on the floor because the dye has a dramatic effect on any surface that it touches as well. The other thing I love about the kit is the conditioner it comes with. My hair always feels soft and healthy after I use the conditioner. It puts life back into your hair which is usually unheard of when it comes to dying your hair. The gloves that come in the kit are also great. I have used hair kits where vibrant colors leak through the gloves. The gloves keep the color from seeping through and they are very durable. There is nothing worse than getting hair dye on your skin and having to try washing it off. Effectiveness Covered everything Ease of Application It is the same as all hair coloring kits. Except the smell isn't overpowering.



Love it.


I should start off by saying that I am Indian (the sub-continent kind) with naturally black hair. And like many Indians, I spent most of my teenage years coloring my hair light/dark brown because I thought it made me look more edgy. Boy, was I wrong. I am the type of person who gets bored of their look very fast. So I've experiemented a lot with the brown hair color. But then a couple of years ago I got so bored with the way I looked that I decided I wanted to go to the other extreme and color my hair blue black. Garnier fructis blue black was the first color I saw and tried it. I LOVED how different it made me look without looking too harsh. I instantly looked brighter, my skin glowed more. The color is not that different from a natural black but the slight tint of blue, which is not that noticeable to the untrained eye gives that "pop" to your look. The color does fade away more and more with washes. So I tend to color my hair ever 4-5 weeks. I have tried other blue black products but none came close to garnier. Also, it makes my hair much smoother after I color it.

Floral Park, NY


Shiny, Blue sheen that shines in the sun, edgy, beautiful!


I had been using Clairol Natural Instincts, Non-Permanent, Midnight Black 36, but with the advent of the grey hairs starting to pop out, I had to do something more drastic as for some reason the Natural Instincts was not taking after about two tries.  I was instructed by a good friend and a former salon owner to use permanent color.  The best in black as far as sheen and not being color that is going to horribly damage processed hair, Garnier Fructis Garnier 100% Permanent Blue Black is the way to go.  I have a couple favorites that are near salon or just as good as salon quality that I use.  This is one of them.  I always suggest semi permanent if you can help it as it is lower in ammonia and peroxide, two agents that damage hair and make it split at the ends, but when you are unable to get semipermanent to take in your hair, this is the way to go for black!  When I say blue black, its not something crazy looking for gothy teenagers.  It just has a subtle tint like Ronald Regan's hair in his days as a star of the silver screen (laughs) its subtle and really plays it up and adds the illusion of beautiful, healthy shine!  It also seems to plump up your hair follicles and give your hair a thicker appearance.  My hair is very fine, so this is certainly a plus for me!  I highly recommend!!!!

Rochester, NH


Garnier Vibrant Colors 100% Permanent Blue Black

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