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Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme Permanent Hair Color

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i absolutely recommend this over and over !


I use this product every month in a half and that is only to cover my roots because unlike other brands, I do not experience any fading with this brand or this color 'light intense aurburn' which is never the case with other brands, especially with a red color like this. I recommend this product daily, over and over again, every single time I am complimented on my hair I tell them Garnier Fructise Light Intense Auburn.


Horsham, Pa


Loved it!!


I was skeptical to use this product at first since I always use a different brand, but it was on sale and had a color I wanted to try. To my surprise I fell in love with how my hair turned out. Easy application, no bad smell, long lasting color. I will definitely use this brand again and again!


Mount Vernon, Ohio


Definitely worth it


First time using it but it works great. Would definitely buy it again.


San Jose


Favorite Hair Color


I love this brand of hair dye, it always makes my hair shiny and smooth after and color last great.


French settlement


One of the Better Box Hair Coloring Products


Although a little more expensive than most drug store products, it doe give very good results. Effectiveness Considering I have gray hair in some areas and medium brown in other areas, this product does a surprisingly good job of blending for a natural effect. I have used #100 Extra-Light Natural Blonde with success but I prefer the Nutrisse Ultra Color version in Beige Blonde because it lightens the brown areas more but keeps the gray areas a nice beige without bleaching too light or leaving brassiness. Ease of Application The application is pretty standard except the product is rather oily, plus there is an additional packet of oil to add. I have skipped the extra packet with no change in results so I think it may be a marketing gimmick. The solution is fairly thick and does not run. I only touch up on my roots and do not bring the color down through the length of my hair. Perhaps because I often use a temporary toner, I do not have a problem with the hair ends being obviously different from the hair closer to the roots.




Easy to use, feels good, wish it lasted longer


Let's start by saying I use a medium brown. So my review is based on covering white with brown, not as easy as blond or if I only had a little gray since I am at least 50 percent white. Smells good. Feels good. Hair feels good after use, too. Not harsh. Shine is better than most. Gray coverage is not as thorough and complete as it should be and not as effective as competitors. Even when left on stubborn areas for additional 10 minutes doe snot cover hair at temples. I found it to be best for between color treatments as it also does not last more than 3 weeks, and I am being generous. So even where it did a decent job, it vanished in 10 washes. I wish it worked better. I would almost classify it as semi-permanent. Olay, Clairol & L'Oreal all work better. But try it if your gray is not too bad, of if you are naturally blond, you may have better success than I did. Price is good, coupons are readily available.


Brewster, NY


Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme Permanent Hair Color

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