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Garnier Fructis
Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Weightless Gel

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Icky and greasy


So I know that gel is supposed to be thick and hold your hair in place, but this stuff is just icky. The first time I used it, I squeezed some out of the tube onto my fingers and a long string of the stuff streched from the tube to my hands. It was disgusting. I tried to disengage, but ended up getting the gel over everything near me. I tried putting some in my hair, but the lines of gel attacjed everywhere and was difficult to handle. I tried to wash my hands off and it took several minutes of dedicated srubbing to get the oily greasiness off of my hands. I tried again later and had the same problem, though I was able to get a bit more in my hair. I have to say that it held down most of my flay-aways, but it really made my hair go limp and didn't let it keep the shape at all. I was really disappointed by the sheer amount needed, how greasy my hair was and how it wouldn't shape it like I thought it was supposed to.

Greendale, WI


I love Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Mouse and Gel


I love Garnier Fructis XXL Volume mouse and Gel. I found some in my mom's house and tired it and loved it. Its now my mouse of choice. my hair is curly and sometime looks very flat with different product that I have tired. The First time I tired these products I loved them. They made my hair look thicker and gave it ten times the volume. I does not make it greasey or weighed down, it also does not make my hair crunchy. It makes it fluffy all the whille holding the curl. I think this product works best for people with curly hair. My mom tired it on her hair, she has fine and thin hair, and it was weighed down. I would recommend this product for people who have a perm or naturally curly hair.  It gives the volume I want all day long and stand up to humdity and heat.  It really does make my hair look and feel thicker!  I love the smell of garnier products as well. It also works really well when you blow dry your hair.      

Corpus Christi, TX


Double the volume? More like triple the GREASE!


**This product in a nutshell: **just does not deliver!  I am not a huge fan of hair gels...I'm more of a styling cream or mousse type of gal.  But Garnier Fructis styling products on the whole, really impress me.  I am constantly on the prowl for volumizing hair care products and figured I'd give this one a shot. Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Weightless Gel comes in a 6.8 Oz green tube with a flip-top lid.  I totally dig the smell of Garnier Fructis products.  They smell so citrusy and clean!  Love it!  The consistency of this gel is extremely thick, so I squeezed a small dollop into my hands before working it into my wet hair.  To maximize body and fullness, I blew my hair dry upside down and used a round brush at key parts of my scalp.  There were a few areas of hair that still looked damp.  Well, that wasn't wet hair - that was greasy hair!  Low and behold, my locks did not even look like they were freshly washed.  In fact, I'd say that my hair looked better dirty then after the use of this product after shampooing & conditioning.  There was ZERO volume at the root.  The hair was totally limp and was not responding to heat appliances.  (I used this product prior to using a straightening iron as well as a curling iron.)  The ends appeared to be dry and brittle and I could only get them to curl under after going over the same spots with my iron.  The bottle claims that you'll achieve thickness and body due to unique micro-waxes and powerful holding technologies.  Oh, this gel held my hair alright...by dragging it downward! **I give this product 2/5 Stars**: simply because it does not do what it say it does.  It might be a good solution for someone with a trendy, short 'do that wants to achieve a "wet" look.  But if you heat-style your hair and you have any sort of length, I would not recommend Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Weightless Gel.     

Mentor, OH


Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Weightless Gel

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