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Garnier Fructis
Garnier Fructis Style Strong Play Style Reshapable Putty

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This product really sucks and makes hair gross looking.


I used this to spike my hair a little when it was short and choppy. I should have bought a different hair product. It was very sticky in my hair and just sort of bunched the pieces of hair up. It made my hair feel nasty and left little white particles in my hair. It looked like I had lice eggs in my hair but it was of course really the reshapable putty. It might be better for a guy to use this product if he has really short hair and only uses a tiny bit of the putty although I really don't recommend this product though to anyone. You're better of getting a more expensive brand of hair products because they probably work better and don't make your hair heavy, clumpy, and they probably wouldn't leave little white particles in your hair. Which is good because it is embarrassing when hair products leave white specs in the hair. People might think it's something other than particles from the hair product.



Great hold for your tousled or spikey hairstyle.


I LOVE this product!!! I have been using it for several years. I have a short, tousled hairstyle and the putty is just the thing to give me that look. It holds my hair in place but doesn't make it feel excessively "crunchy". I have used it on wet and dry hair and prefer to use it on dry hair. Wet hair still holds well, but it just LOOKS wet for the rest of the day.I have tried other products but they all make my hair feel sticky or stiff. Garnier gives a more natural hold. It is VERY sticky on my hands after applying and requires more than just a quick rinse to clean my hands---but I guess that is where the super hold comes in. All in all, it is well worth a few extra seconds of hand washing to achieve a hairstyle that I know is going to last me all day!



Great for Touch-Ups


I thought I was too old to use a product of this type, but my daughter had some so I gave it a try. I was sold! ( I now have my own!) I like to use this putty when I have little wisps of hair that won't lie down. I also like to use it to make a strand or two stay in place when they don't want to. I will admit that the texture of the putty is a little off-putting at first. It is quite gummy -- in fact, that is exactly what it feels like -- chewed gum! You can put a tiny bit on your fingers and stretch the putty apart just like gum. However, this texture is what gives this product its outstanding holding ability. When I use this putty my hair stays just where I want it, yet it does not feel sticky or look like there is a lot of product in it. I am able to brush my hair after using it without the putty breaking down and not doing it's job. I would recommend this to anyone as long as you are aware of the strange feel of it on your fingers. If you can get past that, it is wonderful! The other good thing is that one jar of this will last me for years most likely. A little bit goes a very long way!

Roswell, GA


Sticky sticky sticky...but long lasting hold!


The pros of this product are: it smells GREAT (I love to just open the little container and sniff it, heehee :-) ), it has fairly long lasting hold, it is inexpensive, and it's widely available- you can find it in most stores. The cons are that it is very stringy, sticky, and heavy. It's not a light little spray- this putty is like sticky gum. It can easily weigh your hair down and make it greasy if you use too much. I bought this product but rarely ever use it. I have medium length, wavy hair and this product doesn't help with anything. It doesn't help with my side swept bangs or my flyaways- I guess it's just too heavy. On the whole, I wouldn't buy this product again. Maybe I'd recommend it for a boy with short, sticking up hair? But I honestly found no use in it myself. Another thing I like about Garnier products is the packaging which is very unique and fun. The little container this hair product is in makes it very unique, as does the wording on the container itself. The color is bright green and impossible to lose. :)

Utica, NY


Garnier Strong Putty holds but could be better!


I have used this product to make my side swept bangs stay to the side and it works okay I guess. It is really really sticky and stringy and if you need to use alot of product it kind of makes you hair look greasy. It kind of feels like putting a chewed piece of bubblegum in your hand and stretching it out. I do not really use it anymore because it is too sticky for me and does not work like I need it to. It's pretty cheap if you want some sort of hold in your bangs or hair or any hairstyle. I am not sure how it works on other hair styles and stuff because I have only used it to keep my bangs in place. It might do well with keep flyaways and other hairs in place but I guess bangs are too heavy for it. It does not hold all day either. It does for a few hours but by the end of the day my bangs have fallen out of place and just look all piece-y and somewhat stringy. It's alright though if you're not looking for a super extreme hold, just a little hold.

Louisville, KY


Garnier Fructis Style Strong Play Style Reshapable Putty

3.4 5