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Garnier Fructis
Garnier Fructis Style Soft Curl Cream Strong 6 Pack 5.1 oz

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Soft bouncing curls in my hair with smoothing cream perks


Garnier Fructis Style Soft Curl Cream is one of the least expensive and yet best curling creams I've been able to find for my hair. I have long curly hair. It's not thick, but not thin and I live in a humid climate. Trying to care for my curls can be a little tough and keeping the frizzies away even tougher. I admit that I have several products that are among my favorites to use to care for my hair. It's inexpensive and only takes a little bit to make great big curls in my hair. I like how smooth it is as I work it through and that I don't even have to blow dry my hair all the way to get great curls. It's got a fresh clean, but not overwhelming scent, and you know it's pretty good stuff when a friend says to you "How do you always have such great curls in your hair?" Okay, that's nice, but always is a bit of a stretch, but there are plenty of days when it really does work out better than expected.

Houston, TX


say it isn't so!


This is by far the best curling cream I've ever used in my life.  It's also one of the cheapest.  I'm so unbelievable disappointed that they have decided to discontinue my favorite product.  I wish I had purchased it in bulk before it was too late!  I've used just about every curly hair related product that you can think of.  Even that fancy Moroccan Oil business.  Some were better than others, of course, but this one is without a doubt the best product for the price.  It never left my hair crunch or overly shiny like a lot of mousses and gels used to do.  Every time I used it, it left me with well defined curls and waves without being too heavy or stiff.  My hair had plenty of movement and bounce, and it was soft with just enough shine.  I don't even have to pull out my diffuser when I use this stuff.  My hair looks great without it and I can wash and go!  I wish they'd bring this stuff back.  I can't find a good replacement!

Chicago, IL


Best I've used-no crunchiness-brings out the waves!


I am so frustrated this is being discontinued!  This is the only curl cream EVER that has actually done what it claims to do.  My hair is moody-the underside (especially in the back) is very curly, but the top layers (especially in the back) are barely wavy.  Soft curls brings out the waves/curls on top and softly defines the ones underneath.  It is fantastic for humid climates-I live in Durham, NC.  Unless you put on a handful sized portion, there is no crunchiness to speak of.  It really does make your hair look like the curls/waves are naturally managed, styled and beautiful.  I get compliments almost daily about my hair and that definetely would not happed without this cream.  Another plus is that unlike some lines (fekkai, aveda, etc.) you don't have to use shampoo, conditioner, treatment and product to get your hair looking great.  I love Aveda, but I'm just not going to buy 4 items to achieve one result, especially when I wear my hair straight half the time.  This is the best of everything-performance, price, and only one item needed.  I do use a diffuser to plump things up a little more, but if your curls are naturally strong, you wouldn't need one.

Durham, NC


Garnier Fructis Style Soft Curl Cream Strong 6 Pack 5.1 oz

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