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Garnier Fructis
Garnier Fructis Style Body Boost Volumizing Gel with Energizing Ginseng, Strong

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Smells amazing and really does add significant body!


So I received the Garnier Fructis Style Body Boost Volumizing Gel in one of those Garnier Fructis Christmas gift sets you can purchase last year. I've never been a big fan of hair gels. I feel as though they weigh my hair down. I have thinner hair and I need the body, but I don't need the weight because it seems to cancel out the body anyway. I love Garnier Fructis, so I decided to try it out instead of re-gift. I applied the product to my hair after showering, while my hair was still damp. Make sure to pat your hair down with a towel first, so the gel doesn't become too liquid-like. I put the gel in my hands and rubbed my hands together to get an even coat, then lightly dragged my hands over my hair starting from the root. After this, I dragged a comb through it multiple times to evenly distribute the product (like with deep conditioners). After that, it's always best to blow dry your hair out, in my opinion. I always blow out my hair upside down to add volume and this worked really well with the gel! When my hair was dry, I was surprised to find that my hair was probably 2x fuller looking using this gel then with my regular blow-out routine. I still find that I would rather use a volumizing shampoo/hairspray combo for a lighter effect, but for people who like gel or people with thicker hair I would definitely recommend this product!



Garnier Fructis Style Body Boost Volumizing Gel with Energizing Ginseng, Strong

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