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Shampoo for Curly Hair
Garnier Fructis
Garnier Fructis Hydra-Curls Shampoo

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LOVE this Garnier Fructis shampoo!


I have very curly, color-treated, and very frizzy long hair. This shampoo does absolute wonders for me. It makes my curls stand out and helps to keep the frizz at bay (coupled with other garnier fructis products like the conditioner). It seems very nice and get my hair clean and gets rid of the excess oils. This shampoo also seem to loosen the tangles in my hair. This help me greatly because it helps me take less time to brush and comb my hair after the shower. This is a very valuable quality for me because I have very long hair that is hard and hurts when getting it untangled. This shampoo can be found in any store with decent prices. But the best part of this is that it is fairly easy to find coupons or nice deals for this shampoo, which helps with not spending so much money on hair styling products. And as I mentioned before, Garnier Fructis has a nice line of conditioners ad stylers to go along with it. I am extremely happy with this shampoo and have been using it for years without switching, I swear by it!

Hinesville, GA


works great


I use this shampoo all the time now. I started using this shampoo when I started getting great sales plus great coupons. but once I started using it I realized that it smells great and some of the cheaper shampoos would make my husband itchy when I layed next to him at night. and this one did not. It is great in the winter when the cold really dries my curly hair. and also just as good in the summer humid weather. I really enjoy this product. I would recomend giving it a try.

Lynn, MA


garnier fructis ~not for curly hair


I bought garnier fructis cause i have extreamly curly hair.  nine out of ten days I usually end up straightening my hair.  I am one of those girls who has curly hair and wishes she had straight, unlike the girls who have straight hair and want curly.  My hair is very soft and manageable.  Althought i usually straighten my hair, i thought i might buy a product for my hair to keep it curly for a change.  I usually use suave and it turns out great for my curls, but when i go to wash it get very tangled.   so i bought this stuff just to try.  what a waste.  my hair never felt so stiff, nasty, unmanageable, and just plain right out bad.  Maybe it wasn't the product but that's the only thing i changed.  I bought the shampoo, the conditioner, and some styling products.  needless to say after that experience i took all of those products and gave them to the trash men.  I will stick to my inexpensive great products.

Cocoa Beach, FL


just another shampoo


Garnia Fructis Curly Wurly Shampoo is a shampoo made for those of use with curly hair. While it is suppose to help define your curls, really it is just like any other curly hair shampoo. The shampoo does not make your hair any different than it was before you start using the shampoo, at least this has been my experience with it. I have very curly thick blonde hair, and I am always looking for a shampoo to help me manage my curls and make them look good. I have found that this is hard to come about unless you are willing to pay an arm and leg for a small bottle of something that actually works (bumble and bumble shampoo!) Garnia Fructis Curly Wurly Shampoo just gives your hair that Garnia smell and gives it more body, which isnt always needed for those with curly hair. In all it is just another shampoo marketed towards curly haired people that doesnt really help the majority of us. My sister and a few friends who have the same crazy curls as I do have had the same experience with this shampoo as I have. Really is a let down since the smell is so nice! Anyways, overall this is just another shampoo.

Newnan, GA


Garnier Fructis Hydra-Curls Shampoo

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