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Garmin nuvi Portable GPS Navigator

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Garmin Nuvi 780: Great GPS, Great features!


Garmin Nuvi 780: Great GPS, Great features! I bought this garmin used from craigslist about 6 months back. What really attracted me to this unit was the large screen and the ease of use touchscreen on it. I had heard a lot about garmin gps units and thought i'd try it out. I use it in my Nissan Maxima and have been very pleased with the garmin nuvi 780. This unit is the new design which does not have the flip out antenna, but it still manages to get a satellite lock very quickly and does not loose it on very cloudy days or in downtown areas with a lot of tall buildings. The feature I love on this unit is bluetooth that lets me sync my phone and phonebook to the unit and use it as a hands free for my phone while driving. I feel in this day and age this is a great safety feature provided by this unit. Another feature I like is the ability to use an SD card and load up music on it. I have this connected to my car stereo and it plays music through it, pauses the music when it gives the direction for navigation or when it receives or makes phone calls.

Jacksonville, FL


Garmin Nuvi 780


I travel extensively almost everyday for my work and tired of being lost or having to stop to look at maps, this all ended when I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 780.  I had already tried several other models (borrowed it from friends)  This is an awesome GPS, it does everything for you except drive your car.  It shows arriving time, how many miles, your maximum speed and the duration of your trip.  It is a touch screen that is quick to bring up what you are looking for.  It has all the local information from gas stations, thrift shops (my favorite), fishing, etc.  Being lost is a thing of the past for me now.  It also has the capability to upload pictures and games.  It also features MSN and hand's free phone, by using the blue-tooth feature.  I attached a small velcro strip to the back of it and another to my steering wheel.  It is the perfect set up for viewing without you having to get your eyes off the road.  Your also able to touch anywhere in the screen and it will give you the name of that particular area and directions to it.  I just love it!

Manteca, CA


Garmin nuvi Portable GPS Navigator

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