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Portable Car GPS
Garmin nuvi Portable GPS Navigator

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I am replacing this one soon


Well well well. What can I say about this GPS. I bought this one after selling my 750. Wish I didn't this GPS is very similar to the 750. The only problem is the volume. I often like to drive listening to the radio on the hard rock station. I also travel pretty fast and that results in lots of noise from the road. Unfortunatly the GPS is too quiete. It looks like what they did was allow the battery on this unit to be user replacable at the cost of removing one of the two speakers that the 750 had. WHY DID THEY DO THIS!! this really depresed me. I payed about 120 for it, and think that I didn't get my money's worth. For that price, and considering it is a higher model than my 750, I expected so much more. I guess next time I will read the reviews on sites like this one. I plan on getting one of the 1XXX models that have unlimited free map upgrades soon.  I hear that the speakers on these are great. Save your money and buy one of those instead.

West Babylon, NY


Garmin nuvi Portable GPS Navigator

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