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Portable Car GPS
Garmin nuvi Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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Good value for the money.


I like the 765T, but don't pay extra for the lifetime traffic unless you live in one of the areas where it's available. I don't, but I do travel a lot and have found it useful when I'm in an area where it is available. My favorate things about this GPS is the bluetooth and fm radio connectivity as well as the SD card slot and MP player capability. I connect my phone using bluetooth so when driving I can have hands free phone use. I also route the GPS through my radio, this means that I can turn the volume up (I'm hard of hearing). I also load music and audio books on the SD card I purchased separately and play them over the radio using the GPS, this means that the GPS will pause the music or audio book when giving directions, so I never miss any directions or part of my book/music. I love this feature. I also like the lane guidance feature. Garmin also provides alternate voices on their website for free, my personal favorate is Dr. Nightmare. There have been times where it has taken me to the wrong location, but I have a job where I travel a lot, and have co-workers who have Tom Toms, Magellans and various Phone GPSs and they all get the same directions, so it is a problem with all maps not just Garmin.

Winchester, KY


Garmin nuvi 765t is the best value for money


I have always been a big garmin fan ever since i bought my first portable GPS from them which was the streetpilot series. I loved that product alot as it helped me navigate the crazy traffic in california as well as made sure i never got lost, ever. The Garmin customer support was so awesome that  they actually replaced my garmin when it gave me trouble even a few months out of the warranty period so when the time came to replace my GPS as i gave the streetpilot to my nephew who just started to drive, i went back to the Garmin range to see what was the best. I saw the garmin nuvi 765 and was completely blown away by the size and the technological leaps since my streetpilot. It was a quarter of the thickness compared to my streetpilot, it had free traffic update for life, which for me was the deal clincher, it had this awesome "lane assist" thing, i loved that feature as it make freeway driving a no brainer. The price was cheaper than what i paid for my streetpilot, i picked it up without thinking and have not had one iota of trouble with it so far.

Pasadena, CA


The Garmin 765T an oldy but a goody


The Garmin 765T is a little outdated now as it comes with MSN and they are on the out but that's why I got a top of the line unit for very cheap. Other than the outed nav services it's a really good unit with a fast processor and good battery life. I also have about three GPS units and two from Garmin because it was smarter to buy a new unit than update Garmin's maps. Tom tom has killed this with free updates and Garmin is starting to realize that they can't rob you for updates anymore. This unit gives you an array of high end features like the SD card reader, 3D images, and Bluetooth being my favorites the speaker is loud and clear and the case has a nice rubberized coating. I do have a gripe about the touchscreen as it does mistake a touch command once and a while with the edges especially but this is not has bad as some other units I have seen. The zoom motion is smoother than the older models and I really like it as well. I'll also be honest and a lot of my purchase decision was based on the Nuvi software as Navtones makes a barrage of updatable voices and yes I have KITT (William Daniels) telling me how to drive. Well that's my review I hope it is helpful and informing.

Collins, MO


Garmin Nuv 765t is nearly perfect!


I have owned a TomTom, Magellan and now a Garmin. I must say that it does have a lot of great features although it still is missing some key features that I miss on my Magellan. I would say that it is a decent GPS for those that will use it for every-day use (work traffic etc) **Pros:** Very quick to calculate the route and get you on your way. It is mostly accurate, there are very few times where I come to a road that doesn't exist. I am keeping this in Pros due to the fact that a GPS should never be fully relied on as it is more of a guide to assist you in getting where you are going. Large screen makes for easier touch-screen input. No having to worry about fat-fingering it. Voice options are clear and you can hear it over your radio if turned all the way up which is a good thing. Lifetime Free Traffic. **Cons:** No Exit POI's.  This is a huge deal for me. My old Magellan would find me a "nearest POI" based on the direction I was going on an interstate and let me know which exit to take.  The Garmin Nuvi however will find me POI's based on distance and it may be 2 exits behind me.  I don't want to have to backtrack in most cases. Voice from time to time crackles in and out and disappears.  It is an annoyance that I have lived with but no one should have to. The "Traffic" feature is usually incorrect (or you are in traffic for 15 minutes and then it pops up.  I just wish it would update more frequently. **Overall:** It was a cheap replacement GPS that has done its job.  It's certainly not the best but it's not the worst either.  I would rather have a Magellan due to it's Exit POI feature. 

Columbus, OH


Garmin Nuvi 765T GPS is fantastic but has some minor issues


The Garmin Nuvi 765t is a great GPS that anyone can learn to use quickly and easily. It comes with free, lifetime traffic, which is transmitted to the unit by the charger via FM signals. Unfortunately, the traffic feature is not always accurate and not always up to date. I live near New York City and rarely does the traffic feature provide me with an accurate time for traffic. However, usually it is helpful enough by indicating that there is any kind of traffic. The GPS provides excellent directions that are easy to follow. I did have a problem once, where it led me to drive around in circles next to a highway, but that has not happened again, and I drive by that area twice daily. The GPS has a large 4.3 inch screen and has decent battery life. It says street names out loud. It also can play mp3's or act as your cell phone's speakerphone via bluetooth. In sum, this GPS model is an excellent buy for anyone looking for a quality GPS with free traffic.

Hoboken, NJ




The **Garmin - 765WT is one of the best GPS diveice of the world! It has so many great features the almost every GPS person would love it! This GPS is so easy to use, a caveman can use it. The **Garmin - 765WT has many great features like Bluetooth, Radio, Traffic. Nüvi 765T takes navigation to the next level with lane assist. No more guessing which lane you need to be in to make an upcoming turn. Lane assist guides you to the correct lane for an approaching turn or exit, making unfamiliar intersections and exits easy to navigate. Personally i love this **Garmin - 765WT beacuse when my family goes on a vacation, my son uses it and he just loves it! The **Garmin - 765WT has Points of Intrests, Traffic (which is not really reliable), and so many things. Well all in all i love the **Garmin - 765WT and it is one my the most, favorable things what you can ask for. I would totally reccomend the **Garmin - 765WT to anyone!************

Sterling Heights, MI


Great GPS for the price - has all relevant features


I generally know my way around town, so I only use the GPS when I make longer roadtrips, or travel to a new neighborhood. I previously had another Garmin GPS (Nuvi 200) which was good, so when I gave that one to my family and wanted to get another GPS, I chose Garmin again. Garmin's user interface seems the most intuitive to me compared to the other brands. The Nuvi 765T is a higher end model that has more features, but the key ones I was looking for in my 2nd GPS is: - Text to Speech for spoken street names - Bluetooth connection to my cell phone - Widescreen (more screen estate makes for easier typing) - FM Traffic Update - North American Maps included (for the cross border trips I need to make) The Nuvi 765T has all of the above for a good price, so I pulled the trigger for the purchase. A note about the FM Traffic Update - it is a FREE service (don't get it confused with MSN Direct, which gives you a free trial subscription for a limited time, and then you'll have to pay later on). The traffic is received through FM, so it only works when the GPS is plugged in to the car via the power adapter. I believe FM traffic is only available for major arteries and highways and there is a 20 minute delay in the information - but can't complain cause it's free. In the display traffic mode, it'll highlight sections of your route where traffic is slow-moving (yellow) or simply stop and go (red), but otherwise, normal moving sections are not highlighted - just keep that in mind if you don't see any information, it doesn't mean the FM antennae is broken, it just means you've no traffic jams ahead of you.

Bellevue, WA


The Nuvi 765 locks up at the most inconvenient times.


I have had four GPS devices (three Garmin) and find this one almost useless.  When not locked up, it works as advertised but when it does lock up it is trouble.  To get it back online I have to move the power switch to the off postition and hold it there until the GPS reboots (this is dangerous when driving but I will admit it is better than the Magellen I had whrere one had to dismount the unit and use a paperclip to reset the unit). The Bluetooth feature is another problem.  It works for a little while and then disconnects. The FM transmitter is OK until you reach an area where a local station is on the same frequency.  There needs to be a way to reset the frequency without maneuvering through all of the menues. Another problem I had on a recent trip was that the device would not stay connected to satalites while moving.  I think this was an interference issue and not the unit since the problem ceased once I got away from the airbase and comercial airport.  The good part was that I was able to use the turn by turn screens to reach my destination without a problem.      

San Angelo, TX


Garmin nuvi Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

4.1 8