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Portable Car GPS
Garmin nuvi 275 275T Portable GPS Navigator

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Save your money, use your phone.


My parents bought my this GPS system for Christmas a few years ago....I've used it once. Once you get the maps loaded it's easy enough to use but loading the maps is a pain and updating the information will cost you extra. The battery doesn't last long enough for long road trips so you'll need the car charger adapetor. My parents have also have this GPS and we've found it often gives them directions for a longer route than what mapquest or my husbands GPS phone app gives. Overall, I'd say it's not worth it. Use your smartphone or get a real map.

Oklahoma City, OK


What a time & nerve saver.


This is one of the best investments I have made. I have saved so much time on the road and have felt less nervous knowing the GPS is so accurate, I won't have to stop and ask strangers for directions.

Clinton Township, MI


With a Garmin GPS you'll save time and frustration


I was recently married.  While my new husband and I were on our honeymoon in Hawaii we decided to rent a car so we could explore the island.  The car we rent came with a Garmin Nuvi 275T Car GPS system.  It was great.  Even though Hawaii is not a large island, there are many times that we would have gotten lost without it.  Not to mention the time save not having to look at a map.  The Garmin GPS system give you turn by turn directions on how to get anywhere you want.  It's also really neat, because let say you are hungrey and you want something to eat.  Well you can have it search resturants near you.  It tells you how far away, what kind of resturant and the phone number in case you want to call first.  It does this with other things also.  Like for example, hotels, car rentals, amusements, and attractions.  Now that we are home me and my husband are definitly getting a Garmin GPS system.  It's a very handy tool to have around.

Jasper, GA


Good product


We purchased the Garmin 275T dual GPS to use on a road trip. It is very easy to use. One thing very important as you need to set the avoidances correctly. You sort of have to try different settings to figure out what one is best. Be sure to mark the "no unpaved roads" in the avoidances settings otherwise you will end somewhere which may be hard to get out of. We like this GPS but it definitly has it small issues. It sometimes takes a different way instead of a better way. The Garmin 275Tis great for a road trip. If you are in an area that you are not familar with it does help you get around. If you are in your local area it is the best way to find new addresses. I use the traffic feature when I drive back and forth to work. I have a 34 mile commute one way on a major highway. The Garmin 275T alerts me to traffic and also can give a different route to take. It also has a pedestrian mode so if you are walking around a city or town that you have never been to, it can get you there. This feature is a little bit quirky. While you are walking, if you turn to quickly or you wave your hand it takes a minute to recalculate. It will take you there but in a round about way. When driving if you make a wrong turn, it recalculates quickly and tells you how to get back on track. This one comes with US and European maps. New maps are kind of pricey but you get a free map upgrade when you first buy it. The Garmin 275T has its good and bad points but overall it is a great piece of technology.

Sanford, FL


Best thing to take you the long way or get you lost!


This device is a great idea however it will take you miles out of your way to get to your location. If you're in a wooded area... even slightly wooded, you will lose your signal and not be able to figure out where you're going. Far too many glitches for the money. The Calculator is great though :)

Santa Barbara, CA


Garmin nuvi 275 275T Portable GPS Navigator

3.2 5