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Garmin nuvi 1250 Portable GPS Navigator

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Works great when it works, but device fails at times


I've owned and used the Garmin Nuvi 1250 for about 3 years now.  At first the device was really great!  Really responsive, worked quickly, etc.  The device has excellent turn by turn directions, address imput, and on screen display.  Everything it is advertised to do I feel it does perfectly! The shortcomings of the Nuvi 1250 come from how it had aged over time.  The main issue I have is that the device has become less and less responsive.  Most noticeably when starting up the device.  Sometimes it will take several minutes just for the GPS to find where I am and start navigation, and if I start driving it takes even longer.  Very frustrating when I want to get somewhere.  I've had other GPS devices without this problem. The GPS device also randomly shuts down after using it for extended periods of time.  Short distances, no problem!  But on a 6 to 8 hour car ride it will shut down half way through!  This is unacceptable, long road trips are when I need this thing the most.  With the recent firmware update the device still shuts down, but at least now it restarts and remembers the address I last entered. This makes it more bearable, but what is it doing?  Overheating?  Who knows. Finally the battery life has just degraded over time.  I've used it for geocaching in the past, but I find that every time I use it the device needs to be charged.  At first maybe ever 3 to 4 trips it would need to be charged, but every time I go to use it just gets annoying!  Mainly because the warning comes up while you are driving, and that can be distracting to do. If the device continued to work just like it did on day 1, I'd highly recommend this device!  But because I am sure it will get to a point where this thing will no longer turn on or even work, I can't recommend it.

Evanston, IL


This Garmin nuvi has been the best investment I have made!


 This GPS has been invalable to my family and for our businesses. My husband and I both have our own home businesses and often have to meet clients in unfamiliar towns and most of the time have to travel a lot. This has been the best purchase that we have made for both personal and proffesional use. No more getting lost and driving in circles for us! Even just punching in an address to know how far a location is from our home has proved invaluable. Besides, it will tell you the closest gas station, restaurants, parks, etc.  But, make sure when you get it it isn't set to bicycle.  That was a long day in St. Louis.  Some of our clients have had other brands of GPS's and they don't seem to compare.  We are extremely happy with our Garmin Nuvi.  I'm not very tech savvy - so I can't tell you exactly what all of the bells and whistles are, but I know this - the Garmin nuvi is well worth the money. It is an excellent purchase!

Nauvoo, IL


Annoying but worth it!


It's a great device I absolutely love it! only problem with it is the voice which I figured out how to shut off. haha I used to live in D.C. and i never went anywhere without it. It got me everywhere with very few issues. I highly recommend!

Overland Park, KS


Garmin nuvi 1250 Portable GPS Navigator

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