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Garmin - StreetPilot

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My Garmin Pilot has saved the day more than once.


My Garmin Pilot has the female voice, so is named Jill.  While vacationing we used her to get us from Phoenix, AZ to the Grand Canyon then Las Vegas. With a lot of night driving, she made the trip comfortable and not so scary in the mountains. I use her all the time, locally and traveling to other cities.  It's funny, now I ask for specific address to new location instead of visual keys (ie a restaurant, gas station, etc). Garmin also is capable of accepting downloads from Mapquest. I haven't personally done this yet but will for my next big trip. I drive an Altima and she fits perfectly in the space provided for their permanent GPS system.  The viewer is big enough with no glare problems, and volume works just fine. Upgrading POI and maps took a little patience.  The software took a while but it may have been my internet connection. Thanks Garmin, no more arguments with the boyfriend about asking for directions!!!!

Brooklyn, MD


A good co-pilot


The garmin street pilot GPS a great GPS but not the best technology available in today's market. It contains old map records that can only be updated once (sobe careful with picking a right time to update them). There is only one display mode: day time; this could be annoying and very uncomfortable at night time because of all the light it has. The good thing is that it makes it's job of getting you to your destination, no matter how many wrong turns you take, it is fast to locate itself and fast to find the desired location. The trip calculation may take a while depending on how far or complicated the route has to be, but that is normal. It has a touch screen so you don't have to move around buttons in order to type the address and the interface can be easy to navigate once you get used to it. It has other features as well: look for nearby places (like restaurants) or look for a specific place: like a lake or an amusement park. This GPS is inexpensive but bulky, and it doesn't like to stay in the window. Overall I think it is good and for the price feel free to use it.

Falls Church, VA


the garmin street pilot is the best auto gps i have used yet!


The Garmin Street Pilot  has been the easiest and the most reliable gps unit that i have yet to try and own. I use it on a daily basis for both working and personal matters. While at work i use it to get from one job to another, oh and any time i am feeling a little hungry I just check out whats close by and im there. If the truck needs gas and I dont think I can get to my normal gas station I just check whats close on my route to the next job and stop in where it tells me. Alot of days I just program all my jobs into the gramin street pilot and let it do its thing. Its like magic, when im done entering all my job addresses I hit done and there it all is. I know what job to hit first and how many miles to get back home. When off work I like to get more into what i call the best features and thats going through the list of poi's. The garmin street pilot will take you where ever you want to go!

Saint Paul, MN


Garmin - StreetPilot

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