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Garmin Quest Water Resistant Hiking GPS Candence

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Reliable mapping, but if you know a shortcut, it may not.


The Quest II looks identical to the Quest; the difference is what's under the hood. Quest II contains all maps for the US, and updating maps and software is easy. Just install the software on your pc and connect the (included) USB connector. On my first trip (500 miles), I found that I knew shortcuts that the Quest II wasn't aware of, and it did a lot of recalculating. On the same trip several months later, I found that by adding via points (the manual calls them stops along your route), and making sure that these were along my shortcuts, the recalculations were greatly diminished. My only real complaint is that the suction cup for the windshield will fall off at the most inopportune times. I fixed that by buying a portable dash mount on eBay. It's a weighted base that sits on the dash (made by Garmin), and it totally replaces the suction mount. Now I can easily move the unit to either car easily (the suction mount requires a clean surface). The manual is adequate, but I found that it's not as complete as it should be. I know I could have done better. Overall, this is a good, solid GPS unit. My only other purchase was a leather case for it, so I could throw it in my backpack without damage.

Louisville, KY


Garmin Quest Water Resistant Hiking GPS Candence

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