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Portable Car GPS
Garmin Portable GPS Navigator


The StreetPilot c-series GPS navigators feature a simple touchscreen interface, with automatic route calculation to any destination and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions along the way. Selecting a destination is straightforward and requires only a limited amount of input from the user.

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My favorite invention ever!


Anyone who knows me knows I have the worst sense of direction ever! I can literally get lost going to a place I have been to dozens of times before. My poor husband got weary of my almost daily I'm lost calls and got me a gps for our first anniversary! I had previously thought they were much to costly but now I couldn't live without one! My first gps was not a Garmin but my second and all subsequent have been and I love them. They are so user friendly and simple! My favorite is the Home button, no matter where I am I have the peace of mind of knowing I can push a button and be headed back home! I like that you can either manually enter an address or search through the different categories (food and dining, shopping, hospitals, state parks, libraries etc.) for something in the area you are in. It also gives step by step visual directions when a connection to the satellite is lost (invaluable in the Boston tunnels) and turn by turn directions, repeating a step several times so you are sure to catch it. It names street and routes by name and tell you how many miles before your next turn. If you do take a wrong turn it quickly recalculates and gets you back on track. The battery lasts quite a while and its easy to position in multiple places on your windshield or resting on your dashboard. It has options for avoiding toll roads, quickest routes etc. The one downside is that after so much time the maps have to be updated (new roads being built, new building and shopping centers etc.) which is fairly pricey. Still it was hands down some of the best money we've spent and gives me the confidence to know I can get where I need to without getting lost!


Winchendon, MA


perfect companion for road trips


Since getting this GPS from Garmin, last year, We have not had a problem getting lost. It is comforting to know now that, on long trips or even to local destinations that we are unfamiliar with, we won't get lost. With clear directions and a helpful voice to direct us so that we aren't constantly looking at a map or printed out directions, I give this GPS two thumbs up for safely guiding us home.


Round Lake, IL


Simple & Effective


I bought this model because I just wanted a GPS that offered basic functions - I didn't need anything too fancy - just let me enter a starting and ending destination and tell me what turns to take to get there. More sophisticated models would cost more AND would likely be harder for me to learn how to use and I probably wouldn't need to use all those additional features anyway. One key feature that it does have, that I like, is that it shows you your recent history, so you don't have to re-enter the same address again. I use this as a shortcut for destinations I travel to more frequently. I don't always use the suction cups to mount it on my windshield - sometimes I just leave it on the middle console or the passenger seat. On a long road trip, instead of having my friend use her phone, she used the GPS to help us find nearby fast food restaurants so it's nice that it has that feature too. Processing Speed It doesn't take too long to calculate or recalculate the route. Map Quality & Accuracy I haven't traveled too far off the beaten path so I haven't had a problem - the only thing is that sometimes the names used for roads aren't the common names we know them as so you have to think for a second if it's the same road you think it means. Ease of Use The touch screen makes it very easy to use to enter your starting and ending destinations.


Huntington, NY


Don't leave home without it.


How I survived the mean streets of Chicago without this Garmin StreetPilot, I will never know. Super easy to use, intuitive interface, and so far, as long as it is kept up to date, it has never literally steered me wrong. This is my go to gift for friends who are new in town.


Chicago, IL


How I get to here and there...


Even though this isn't the latest and greatest of the Garmin's I still would highly highly recommend it. I have had this gps for over 5 years and it still works as good as ever despite dropping it a few times and it's gretaest feat is surviving two horrible car crashes both in which the car and everything in it was totaled, and it flew and was whipped around as my car flipped and rolled across a highway. Compared to the newer models, the c330 makes my life easier and has some features that some newer models lack, such as a volume control dial on the side-rather than having to the screen and change the volume by pressing buttons on the menu. This one speak street names tho. Processing Speed Sometimes it can take a minute or two to acquire satellites, and locate itself. Map Quality & Accuracy Easy to understand and use, trustful Ease of Use Convenient, simple and basic


Stirling, NJ


Easy to use right out of the box.


We purchased this unit and plugged it right away before leaving the parking lot. I didn't have to really read the directions to use it. I programmed our address in as HOME and it took us there. We like to take long drives on the weekends and have to use the sun for directions. Now we can use the Garmin to stay out 'after dark'. The full manual is available on line from Garmin.


Harborcreek, PA


Easy to use, Fun to have


I bought this GPS in Dec 2006, I have used it mostly for out of town trips, but also use it for local to find new places to go from the Points of Interest.  Everyone likes to borrow it from me when I'm not using it.  Very user friendly and accurate. 


Clairton, PA


This is the best GPS unit I have used.


This was the 3rd GPS unit I tried and the only one I kept.  I tried a Magellan and a TomTom and was very disappointed.  Neither of those could find my house.  (I live in a development that has been around for 6 years.)  The Garmin found my house and everywhere else I have wanted to go.  I bought one for my husband also.  We both travel alot for work and this is fabulous! 


Mc Donald, PA


Love my StreetPilot


I love my StreetPilot!  I get lost anywhere I go, and with Garmin, no need to worry, I get to where I need to go on time and without getting lost.  It's easy to use, and no maps to download. It did get me lost once, but the road was in a really weird location.  I don't leave home without this.  Just don't leave it in your car, I had one stolen :(


Erie, PA


Great GPS for low cost.


This is a great GPS for the money. It does voice commands, detours, and automatically recalculates for a missed turn. I found the maps close to up to date.  That is the only con is that some roads where incorrectly labeled.  I would highly recommend for a low end GPS.


Dayton, TN


Garmin Portable GPS Navigator

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