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Portable Car GPS
Garmin nuvi 680 Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator


Receive door-to-door directions while staying on top of local weather, traffic and more with nuvi 680, a sleek multi-tasking Personal Travel Assistant. Similar to the 660, nuvi 680 features a colorful widescreen, hands-free calling and FM transmitter, then takes it up a notch by adding dynamic content from MSN Direct. Like all nuvis, the user-friendly 680 comes with preloaded maps and travel kit.

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get a phone


After having a smartphone, I wonder how these standalone GPS can survive. This is great to have if you don't have a smartphone and travel alot. Even though most smartphones' GPS system isn't in par with a standalone GPS, they get the jobs done when you just want to know the direction, and you get the best of both worlds. There are some advantages however, for example the screen size. Most standalone have larger screen sizes, and lots more functionalities. The battery for Nuvi 680 is great, and you can plug it to the car if low on batteries. You can't update the traffic over the air however, or I haven't figured out how to. You can also save favorites of frequent places, if you're that bad with directions. One thing that I notice though, is in cold weather, and we do get code weather here in Michigan, if I leave the GPS in the car for too long, it kind of freezes. Not to the point that it's not operational, but when turn it on it freezes for a second or two.


Lansing, MI


Our Garmin - Nuvi 680 has saved us time and fuel!!


We are very happy with our Garmin GPS device and would recommend it to anyone who travels frequently. We are RV full-timers and use ours almost daily to find our way around new places we are visiting during our retirement. The touch screen and recalculation features are especially nice. It is very user friendly as well as being very accurate.


Blythewood, SC


I never leave home without it!


My Garmin Nuvi 680 has changed my life!  Or at least the portion of my life that I spend in the car.  And for me that is quite a bit!  Between being a real estate agent and travelling for pleasure I spend a lot of time in the car.  I used to have to mapquest my routes when showing property and then hope that my clients wouldn't change the order once we set off.  Now I simply program our properties into the GPS ahead of time and use the favorites feature to save them.  Makes it so much easier to navigate neighborhoods.  When we are travelling we especially love the feature which allows you to locate places to eat or nearby gas stations.  Saves a lot of time looking around for a good place to stop.  I really feel that the Garmin has saved us gas money as well by suggesting the best routes and helping us to find what we are looking for.  I find that the estimated arrival time feature is pretty acurate and is helpful when alerting someone who is waiting for our arrival as to what time to expect us.  I highly recommend the Garmin Nuvi 680. 


Thousand Oaks, CA


Can't get around the block without my Garmin!


Anyone that ventures into unknown neighborhoods or towns shouldn't leave home without your Garmin.  Too easy to use! Best invention since disposable diapers.  Especially great for finding those Garage Sales. Informational. So easy to use, you don't even need the directions.


Braidwood, IL


Easy navigation but with a small disadvanta4ge


The Nuvi 680 is a great GPS. It can not only show, it talks to you. If only the GPS can play movies and has a the av input you basically have a tv. It has a internal bluethooth. Another disadvatage is the holder won't stick that good to the widow or other object in the car. I would never use it while driving because it requires some time to set it up and mite cause an accident. I would also never place it infront of the dash board cause it is easyily distracting with its voice. Also i would never leave it uncharged because the battery won't stay on for long time


Troy, MI


The Nuvi 680 gets me where I need to go


I purchased the Nuvi 680 GPS about 8 months ago.  I have a terrible sense of direction and this really helps me get around in areas that I am not familiar with.  The only negative, it doesn't always find an address or location name that I type in.  I guess maps are not updated often enough.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Great GPS!!


I recently bought a Garmen- Nuvi 680 GPS and have really enjoyed using it. The set-up was simple, just take it out of the box hook it up and your ready to go. This GPS has a widescreen 4.3" display and touch screen buttons. I had to go on a trip last week and it made it so easy to get to my destination. I just programmed in the address I was heading to and it quickly had it mapped out. It had easy to follow directions on the screen and and gave me voice directions as I drove, it  told me in plenty of time to prepare to take an exit or make a turn. If you make a wrong turn it guides you back to the street you need to be on. It comes with a suction cup mount that mounts it firmly to your vehicle, a quick reference quide to make it easy to use, owner's manual, a nice carrying case so you can take it with you, and a charger so you can charge it. After taking that trip I really wondered how I could have made a trip without it.


Crockett, TX


Great system to get you where you're going


The Garmin 680 is an easy to use system. Looks up restaurants, entertainment, just about anything. No extra accessories are needed. For the most part it has been very accurate. Great to be able to decide your route, quickest, less congestive, toll or no toll. Got the first one for my husband 2 years ago, now 6 other family members have them too.  


Statesville, NC


I can now find my way out of a paper bag!


Before my husband bought me my garmin everyone used to tease me that I would need a map to find my way out of a paper bag well now look at me I am taking my boys to their camps finding new schools and not getting lost ever it also takes away all the stress of driving to a new place because I know that if I do make a wrong turn it will RECALCULATE and get me where I am going!


Lancaster, NY


Blows away the Magellan device I had.


The Garmin Nuvi 680, was quick to set up and use.  Maps were bold and easy to follow, and updates are simple to download and apply to the device.  Only problem I have encountered is setting up the MSN Direct access.  When I have the device hooked up to my computer it tells me that I need to be connected to the car, and when it is connected to the car it gives a long access code and tells me to submit it on a web site.  Kind of stupid if you ask me.  Anyway, typing in the addresses and adding favorites is simple.  The bluetooth setup for my phone was quick and painless and I can use the Nuvi as a hands free device directly through my stereo using a cassette adapter to headphone jack setup as well as the radio frequency tuner (this option is flakey though).  The Magellan maps were out of date when I first got the device and after 2 years (at least 1 year of Magellan promissing updates), the updates finally came out and by the time I got to the Magellan site the updates were not available for download and the CD version was out of stock with now estimate provided for their return.  The Garmin update took a while since it was a few gigabytes, but it was easy and painless otherwise.  Great device, I will never buy any other brand, and I use it at least weekly.


New Berlin, WI


Garmin nuvi 680 Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

4.5 16