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Garmin - NUVIFONE Cell Phone

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I really love my garminfone


Okay I am well aware that it's sort of an outdated phone (fone? phone) but really the garminfone is kind of a gem. This is because the gps is independent of the borderline terrible android smartphone parts. At first it released with android 1.6 and was horribly dated and ran like garbage but then they upgraded the whole thing! To 2.1, which is a heck of a lot better. The downside is that you have to apply the update yourself, the upside is that it makes the phone usable.  The camera is okay but nothing all that special. The really smart consumer would buy one of these used and off contract, stick a prepaid tmobile sim in to make sure it worked, and use the wifi and gps and google voice to have a texting mp3 player that told you where to go. And played angry birds, which it does fairly well. There's an occasional stutter. Oh you can root it too but there's not a lot of point other than to throw adblock on and remove some of the bloatware.

Pittsburgh, PA


Amazing GPS was what caught my interest.


  I bought the Nuvifone in May of 2010 and for the most part I love it.When I bought it, it was free after mail in rebate. You are able to program your email in and every 15 minutes it will check your email and notify you if you get a new one. The camera is good although it doesn't have a zoom. It also has an mp3 player buit in and the sound quality is pretty good. One of the reasons I wanted the phone to begin with was that it's made by Garmin. The GPS is  absolutely awesome with it's turn by turn voice navigation.  The Nuvifone also has the ability to check the area around you for gas prices, upcoming events, movie times, it will also tell you points of interest in the area such as restaurant, banks, hotels, shopping, gas stations, airports, bus stations, and more. Everything within the Nuvifone is interconnected. For example if you are looking in the yellow pages and you select a business it will give you the option to view a map of the location, go to the location or call the location. If you are online and the website gives you an address you can click it and the Nuviphone will show you where it is on the map and give you directions if you want to go there.  I think the biggest con for me was that you can't send pictures in a text message. You can send them in emails from your phone but you can't email them to a cell phone number.   

Swartz Creek, MI


Garmin - NUVIFONE Cell Phone

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