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Garmin Handheld GPS Navigator

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I really hate all navigation systems no matter what brand, type or anything else about them. But this one i especially hate. It is just so difficult to figure out firt of all how to turn on the stupid product, and especially how to figure out how to work it. Many people are in love with technology and have nack for it. But not me I dont mind it but I always seem to break things. But this time I am almost positive it wasnt me. It just started freaking out, turning on and off. So i contacted the company that makes them and all they said was we are sorry mam but your warranty wore off. Now you are probably wondering if i hate them so much then why did i get one? Well i got one from my boyfriend who insists that i use it because i am always getting myself lost. So i am forced to. I probably wouldn't reccommend this product to anyone just because of my horrible experience with it. Im not saying its a bad product, just mine that I got seemed to act that way with me, so I guess I am so so. Nothing Special though.

Tumwater, WA


I just love the Garmin GPS it finds the quickest routes


On a recent trip to West Virginia and Ohio, we borrowed our son's future mother-in-law's Garmin GPS to use on our trip.  Before starting out our future daughter-in-law showed us how to use and set up the Garmin GPS.  She inputed a couple of address's for us to show us how to do it.  I was easy to program in address's and to store them under the favorites.  It picked the fastes route from Florida to West Virginia going thru Georgia at around Savanna, then thru the Carolinas, Virginia and then West Virginia, using freeway with no tolls until West Virginia.  And as everyone knows there are only toll roads going into West Virginia from anywhere but Ohio, (just kidding).  We didn't have to go on country or county roads until after leaving Charleston West Virginia, to head to Logan West Virginia.  The only way to get into and out of Logan West Virginia is to take country or county roads up and down and around mountains.  While in Logan we needed to go to several places to see people, all I had to do was tap in the address on the screen and it gave us perfect directions, never once getting us lost.  When ready to leave Logan we typed in the address to my husband's brother in Waverly Ohio.  The Garmin got us to the freeway fastere than we thought.  It took us right up to my husband's brother's frount door, at night on roads we had never traveled before.   My brother-in-law was really surprised that we found his house.  We then programed in my sister-in-laws address in Gahanna Ohio, and again we were directed to freeways that would get us there in the shortest amount of time and distance.  We haven't visited family and friends in Ohio in twelfve years, and there had been alot of changes in the freeways, if we didn't have the Garmin we would have taken a longer direction and longer time to get there.  After visiting everyone we wanted to see and using the Garmin to find our way around our old home town, my husband said that he knew what he wanted for Christmas this year it was a Garmin GPS.  Well, we knew what routes we needed to take home to Florida, but we didn't know about the construction zones, or new by passes we could take until the Garmin pointed out the directions to us.  We really had a good time, and we test drove the Garmin so we now know what to get.

Port Richey, FL


the oregon 300 is the best handheld gps around.


The garmin oregon 300 is hands down the best handheld gps i have ever used.  I love the touch screen. Can not get enough of it.  Everything about it is amazing.  It is so easy to use and i dont have to scrool down or use any buttons.  its very compact but the screen is big.  The only complaint is i wish the battery life was longer but it has a longer battery life than most other gps' like it. I love having a map with roads and terrain features that are up to date and realiable.  Also it being water proof is a very wonderful feature.  I am out in the rain alot and that is very important to me.  I have had mine for about a year and have used over 50 times and have not had a single problem with it.  i rely on my gps very much and it has been a very big help and never let me down.  If i ever have to get another one i will definitly get another oregon.  Its a little more than some other similar ones(still reasonably priced) but is totally worth every penny i spent.  If you are doing some serious naviagation outside then this is a perfect product for you.

Birdsboro, PA


Garmin Handheld GPS Navigator

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