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Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS Receiver and Personal Training Device

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Amazing Ga


This was an amazing product made by garmin, It has all the features every runner needs. Caculates distance, speed, milage. You can ever do a workout against it. Garmin in case anyone doesnt know is located in kansas city kansas. Actually in a smaller town called olathe kansas. I would def buy the next/ newer one when i get the money to. It has been very accutate with my runs and caculating distances. The only time I have touble with it is when   it rains    or if there is a dense clod cover.  Now if I were going to get one I would not let me repeat not get one with the foot pod on it as polar makes for more money let me state than this one and less features. THis one is ever water resistant incase you drop it. After about like.........................................1500 miles on it I filled up its memory but then i just transfered it all the the computer and stared again the computer program is great.

Naperville, IL


Bulky but effective for jogging basics


I love having GPS for my jogging watch and the Garmin 301 generally works well.  It keeps track of your distance and pace to help you have a better sense of your workout.  For basics of long distance training, this is a great watch, albeit not with nearly the depth of advanced features (like synching to a computer) that the newer models have.

San Carlos, CA


Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS Receiver and Personal Training Device

4.5 2