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Garmin 4.3 In. GPS Navigator with U.S. Coverage and Lifetime Maps


Garmin nüvi 42LM - GPS receiver - automotive - display: 4.3" - widescreen

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Information is not accurate


This Garmin 4.3 In. GPS Navigator with U.S. Coverage and Lifetime Maps was gifted to me and I was in need of this product as Google Maps was not accurate enough and anyone was able to edit the data and add wrong information online. I had not used a Garmin brand before and it was the first time I owned one. The screen of this product was 4.3 inches and the lane directions were accurate. The features were great and they included some interesting ones like a voice enabled feature for street names, lane assist feature which was a guide for me and helped me to find a store or shop in the locality. This product also helped me to record my speed and mileage. After using this product, I noticed that few malls weren't recorded in the map and the data was few months old. The map wasn't updated on a regular basis and hence few shops that were displayed on the map had been either closed or moved. The product allows one to update the map only 4 times a year.



Love it!


I travel a lot for work and was getting tired of using my phones GPS or my old off-brand GPS. I would end up getting lost all the time or have it give me very strange directions [Do a U turn in the middle of a freeway!? No thanks!] I purchased the Garmin 4.3 In.Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps and absolutely love it. You simply suction it to your windshield and allow it to load for a while. The suction cup is actually a good one so you won't have it falling off. The Lifetime Maps feature is great because sometimes you do not even have to enter the address of your location! One of my favorite features is the speed warning on the device. I tend to have a lead foot so it is really nice having that warning. It is easy to glance up at the GPS and be able to quickly see where it is telling you to go. It has big arrows and bright colors. You are less distracted while driving and using this GPS. The voice feature is nice and clear. I have yet to get lost using this GPS! One con is there are no maps for Canada and we have a planned trip there soon! I highly recommend this Garmin. Quit wasting time getting lost with your current navigation system.



Garmin 4.3 In. GPS Navigator


Garmin GPS. I have become accustomed to their user interface and performance, so I can't compare wanted to talk about the new features that attracted me to this unit and how I evaluated their usefulness on my first 3 hour road trip to a location I know by heart. Feature inch screen. I am older and am having to use reading glasses to see the GPS mounted to the dash. My earlier unit was a 4 inch. I considered Magellan, but when I found out you couldn't install custom POIs on the Magellan, it ruled that one out for me. We go camping frequently and I have all the state parks as custom POIs. I also have truck stops I like to use. The 5 inch display was definately an improvement for me. Feature 2 - Automated voice recognition. I definately don't like being distracted by touching the screen to see how far the next roadside rest is (see custom POIs above). So I thought telling the GPS what I wanted made a lot of sense. When it comes to "commands" this feature works OK, but I have discovered I have to turn the radio volume down or talk VERY LOUDLY.However, when you want to provide an address to locate, the unit performed badly. I couldn't get it to correctly locate any of 3 addresses correctly Whitewood Court" ended up with something very strange. Feature - Turn lanes. Knowing which lane you need to be in to correctly exit the highway and be ready for the next turn. There are two distinctly different features on this unit for knowing the turn lanes. One is "Viewing Junctions" which displays a picture of the upcoming junction, complete with signage. This takes up about the right half of the screen. The other turn lane feature is a small area in the upper left corner that shows , by using arrows, the number of lanes. The lane(s) you are to be in are bright white, while the others are grey. I found the arrows to be VERY useful and quick to absorb at a glance. I found the "Viewing Junctions" not very useful, as you had to look over a much larger area of the screen to absorb the information in a glance. I found I had to glance at the "Viewing Junctions" image several times before I understood which lane it wanted me to be in. For me at least, the "Viewing Junction Feature 4 - Traffic. On my trip there were no traffic problems, so I didn't get to experience any rerouting due to traffic conditions. This feature appears to only work when you are in or around larger cities. Between cities, pressing the traffic button indicated that there was no or weak signal. Feature 2 Posted speed limits - As you are navigating a small sign appears on the display showing the posted limit and your actual speed. If your actual speed exceeds the posted limit, it turns red. Nice little feature to keep honest people honest. I found the estimated time of arrival to be more accurate than my previous GPSs. Perhaps because it knows the posted limits as they change along the route??? The menu system is different from my prior GPSs. There is an icon composed of 3 horizontal white bars that, when pressed, bring up other options. Sometimes this icon is in the lower right of the display, sometimes it is located elsewhere depending on where you are in the menus. Since this was a little different than prior units,



Garmin 4.3 In. GPS Navigator with U.S. Coverage and Lifetime Maps

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