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Baked not Fried, Pretzels, Snack Mix
Gardetto's - Original Recipe Snack Mix

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Gardetto's snack mix offers a variety of flavors in one bag.


Gardetto's snack mix has been an occassional favorite of mine for years and recently I've come to keep them around in small single serving-sized bags for an appetizing late-afternoon snack. Each bag contains a fairly even mix of minature rye crisps, pretzels and breadsticks, all baked and seasoned with just the right taste to wake my mouth back up after hours of nothing but water. Those first few bites tend to make the world right again and from then on it's all just bonus footage. Speaking of which, these bags seem to last forever, unlike most chips or other fried junk concoctions. When I open a bag of Gardetto's I tend to "work on it" rather than devour it, which leads to a more satisfying feeling. There are very few snacks which can compare with the burst of flavor you get from this mix. I only wish they had some peanuts and maybe those dark rye cereal chex you get in other snacks. That's easily taken care of at home but where I work keeping a jar of peanuts in your pocket is not really politically correct. Wear a monocle too and they'll throw your tail in jail. Other than that, this may be about the most perfect snack out there. I don't really pay attention to the nutrition information on bags of snack food but I'd guess Gardettos are a lot better than some though they're probably heavy on sodium. But then what isn't? If you like substantial snack food, on the crunchy side, and you like the taste of ryes and salts, try a bag for yourself. You'll probably want to buy more. Then, like me, you can spend the next fifteen years of your life trying to figure how how to spell the darn things.

Houston, TX


Gardetto's - Original Recipe Snack Mix

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