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Gardens Alive!
Gardens Alive! Moss Aside - Moss Killer

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Couldn't Eliminate Moss From my Brick Patio


**Gardens Alive!** (*gardensalive.com*) is an environmentally-friendly company that offers gardening products free from toxic chemicals.  This past May, I purchased a bottle of **Moss Aside - Moss Killer** because I had noticed moss creeping in between some of the bricks in our outdoor patio.  This was the first year we'd had a problem with moss, so I assumed it was just because we'd gotten so much spring rain.  I didn't want to try any heavy duty chemicals, so Moss Aside seemed like the perfect solution.  Unfortunately for me, it wasn't. **Moss Aside** comes in a white bottle with complete instructions.  The active ingredient is "potassium soap of fatty acid" in a water based, non-alcohol formula.  It is a weed killer and does need to be used with care.  However, it's a much more eco-friendly option than many brand name weed killers. I mixed the Moss Aside with water as directed, and sprayed the solution onto my brick patio where moss was present.  I was lucky that it didn't rain for over a week, so the product had a chance to begin working.  I did notice that the moss was turning brown and I was initially elated.  Unfortunately, a few weeks later and I could see green fringes of moss beginning to reestablish themselves.  I applied another application of Moss Aside and the same thing happened--moss turned brown, then began to grow right back again.  I finally ran out of the Moss Aside before the end of the summer and resorted to physically slashing the moss from between the bricks with a gardening tool.  Although I love the company--Gardens Alive!--I do think that this product is a miss.  In order to have lasting results from **Moss Alive - Moss Killer**, I would have to buy several bottles so the effects would last through the summer.  On a positive note, the solution didn't discolor or stain the bricks. That's probably the best thing I can say about this product.

Chicagoland, IL


Gardens Alive! Moss Aside - Moss Killer

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