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Gardenburger Portabello Veggie Burgers

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your carniverous friends'll wish they'd optd for portabello, too


I've tried many of the various garden/boca burgers, and this one is among my favorites. I don't like an overwhelming mushroom flavor, and these have some flavor, but not too much. They are also very high in fiber, low in cholesterol, and there are only about 90 calories in one! Although the calories are low, you still feel satisfied, a must- especially if you're trying to diet. If I'm really hungry, or in a rush then I just stick one in the microwave and cover with a paper towel on a plate while I toast a bun or some good sprouted bread. Then add whatever you want! I believe they have cheese in them (something yummy that helps it stick together), as well as veggies. They are also great cooked in a pan. They say to add oil, but I never do and they don't stick in my cast iron pan because as they cook (directly from frozen) the oils on the outside prevent it. They do have around 15% DV of sodium which is the one downside, but most burgers have around this amount for flavor (esp meat) anyway. Hope you enjoy.


Sacramento, CA


Just say YUM!


Do you want to eat right and still let your tastebuds tango ? Then look no further. The Gardenburger Portabello Burger gives it all up. Superb taste, amazing nutrition and low calorie count at just 100 per serving, 5g of fiber, 4g of protein and only 2.5g of fat and only 1 gram is saturated.   The mushroom taste is present yet doesn't grab you by the neck. A delicious blend of spice and ingredients deliver an awesome taste with tongue happy texture. I grill mine on our Foreman Grill and pair it with an Oroweat Multi Grain Sandwich Thin. ( I have a review on them also if you are interested) I add a little shredded cheese to the top when it is done grilling and let is set for a few moments to melt a little. ( when we use shredded we use less another calorie saver ) A colby jack blend compliments this veggie burger very well. This combination gives our delightful Portabello Gardenburger a calorie count under 250 if you stay light with the shredded cheese. Grill happy and enjoy. :-)


Granite Falls, WA


Gardenburger Portabello Veggie Burgers

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