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Gallery Series 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher


The Frigidaire Gallery 24 Built-In Dishwasher is here This unit featues Effortless Dry with this your clothes will be dried in the best way possible Appliances that are high-performing more accessible and more innovative than evermdashdesigned built

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Efficient dishwasher, could be a little quieter...


This was my husbands first time installing a dishwasher and he did it in several hours with really no issues. Once installed, I was very pleased with the inside organization. It is very easy to load the dishwasher and I love the top rack as you can fold rungs up or down to fit different sized items. Noise Level The dishwasher is not as quiet as I would have hoped, especially for the money paid. We have a smaller house and if I have it running you can hear it throughout the house, especially during the rinse cycle. Cleaning Time It is not as quick as our last dishwasher, but it does do a good job--it seems to take a long time to dry. Loading Flexibility The bottom is very spacious as the silverware loads all along one side instead of right in the middle like most dishwashers. This makes loading plates and bowls much easier. I have not noticed the need to turn the plates one way or another like we had to do with our old washer. The top has folding parts that you can move up or down so you can fit larger or smaller items. Performance Overall, the performance of this machine seems to be really good. I have never had to rewash a dish after putting it through the normal cycle (we also rinse out dishes before we put them in). Design I love the inside design of the dishwasher, however, the way you open the door is very awkward. You have to really yank on the door with the handle hidden under the button area. Whenever guests come over to open it up, they think they are breaking it when they pull it open. I also wish there was a locking mechanism that you could use so no one (ie-little hands) could open it during washing without unlocking it like traditional dishwashers. Durability This product seems to be very durable. We have only had it for a year and a half, however, several months after we got it my preschooler tripped and fell onto the door when it was opened. Thought for sure the thing would either leak or that he had bent the door (or worse yet snapped something), however, besides the spring that catches the door from going down too fast, we have had no problems! Definitely built tough:)

Monroe, MI


Pass this one by!


We have had our dishwasher for 4 years and have had to call the repair service 6 times. We have had to have the motor replaced and have dealt with several inconveniences. Good thing we bough the extended warranty! It is also quite loud and we would not recommend it. Noise Level Quite loud! Can't run when people are over. Also loud enough to be heard from my bedroom at night, so that's a problem. Cleaning Time Takes at least 90 min to wash a load. Not sure how that compares to others... Loading Flexibility No issues with loading. There is enough space. Performance As I said, we've had to have it repaired so many times that the performance is spotty at best. Design You have to slam the door shut at times to get it to stay shut. The repairman said that was common for this model. Durability I don't expect that this will last for another 4 years.

Spokane, WA


Gallery Series 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher

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