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Galileo CC-872 (140 x 72mm) Telescope

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Getting the most from your Telescope


Take the time to become familar with your Telescope. Learn the names of various parts, where they are located and their function.The  best time to perform these functions is during the day.When getting into position for a viewing, place the Telescope in an area that is sheltered from the wind if possible. The best night time viewing  will be away from the city lights and when the Atmosphere is "Steady". I own this Telescope and the viewing is incredible, I live on a Cal De Sac in the valley of the SierraNevadans, and the Stars at night are breathtaking to view through  the electronic mars-eye finder, this allows for easy spotting of objects. The 3x Barlow is used to increase the power of any given eyepiece by 300%. For example the 20MM is 40x power and with the 3x Barlow it is 120x power. The 20MM (EYEPIECE) is ideally suited for all Terrestrials and Astronomical  viewing, 6.8-16MM Zoom (EYEPIECE) is highly recommended for the nights of steady seeing. Please be patient using your Telescope. It is a very sensitive instrument that is capable of using high powers, however, the more power you use, the more sensitive the Telescope becomes. as a Result, the slightest movement of the Telescope could cause you to lose the image(in my viewing that has happened to me). Practice will enable you to know how much movement to expect with each eyepiece and its corresponding power. Enjoy the view of the Earth and the Atmosphere.  



Galileo CC-872 (140 x 72mm) Telescope

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