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Gain Liquid Fabric Softener, Original Scent

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Love it


I love them smell. It lasts forever in my closet.


Muskogee, OK


Gotta have it


Gain is my favorite fabric softener. It makes my clothes soft, static-free and smell amazing! Funny story, my husband was running with some guys one time and one said "what smells so good?". Well, ended up being my husbands workout clothes washed in gain laundry soap and fabric softener!




Best Softener Out There


I live and breath Gain. This is the only detergent and softener I will use. The smell is the best and last a long time. Love washing my blankets with this. It leaves them smelling so good and so soft.


Shelbyville, IN


Yes, please!


I love Original Gain fabric softener! The scent isn't too heavy or too light. This is my favorite fabric softener scent, hands down.




Love the Scent


I absolutely love the scent of All of Gain's products. I do buy Gain's fabric softener just for the scent. The scent will last for at least a week on your clothes after it's been washed. It preforms well as far as making your towels really soft. But the biggest plus for me about Gain's Fabric Softener Original Scent is the smell of it and the smell stays on the fabrics you use it on for a extended amount of time. I strongly recommend this fabric softener not only to my friends but also my family. It's also a great product for a good price. The only downfall is I cannot seem to find it in a bigger container. I do so much laundry that I buy in bulk for my family, it's cheaper that way. Because it doesn't come in my preferred size I buy it and use it for the fabrics in my bedroom like my curtains and my bedding.




Using right now as I write this


Okay I am using the Gain fabric softener right now in the washer as I write this review. This stuff smells so good, it is well worth the money. I decided to give this a try because I had a coupon for it and I was running low on money. I'm really glad I did because I think I found one of my new favorite fabric softeners. It is very affordable I paid less than $3 for the bottle that I have and it has a very strong clean smell to it. I noticed the scent also lingers on your clothes well after it has been washed, dried and put away. They have a couple different scents to choose from, which they all smell great. And I will say that my most favorite thing about this product is the fact that I can put it in on my clothes and they do not come out with blue spots on them like some of the fabric softeners I have tried in the past. This is more of a light green color and it does not stain my clothes. So I will definitely keep purchasing this product in the future. Two thumbs up from me!




Love the Traditional Gain Fragrance if it Stayed in Clothes


When it comes to the Gain original scent I am always purchasing air freshner, candles, and even car air fresheners because the fragrance is perfect for any area. When I tried Gain fabric softener for the first time I just knew I would love it because of all the other products that use Gains Scent, initially the smell right of the bottle is bold and strong. I just knew my clothes would be left smelling great. When I poured the first capful I noticed the liquid was a little thin, thin compared to the past fabric softners I have used. I followed the simple directions listed on the bottle and waited to feel and smell my clothing once washed. Let me say I was a bit disappointed by the outcome. My clothing had a faint scent, and once they dried I barely noticed a scent and my clothing wasn't soft. This was a total disappointment since I love Gains smell. After experimenting with this softner I've determined that I have to double up what I add to my laundry, in the end I'm wasting money so I rarely use this softner, I really love Gains products but not a fan of this softener.




Strange Smell but Effective


I'm not normally a huge fan of Gain's line of products, but I had a coupon and this was on sale so I got an excellent deal and decided to give it a try. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. For someone who routinely uses Snuggle and Downy it was a bit of a surprise to smell this fake and really rather chemically smelling formula. It just doesn't smell as nice or as fresh as the other brands but it's not actually bad - it's just different. As for the actual softening aspect it works just as well as the more expensive brands and softens my laundry wonderfully. A little goes a long way and a capful effective softens my entire load of towels and they come out perfectly soft and fluffy. While this is not my favorite brand it certainly does its job and while I would not rush to purchase it if I did find a good deal on it I would not hesitate to purchase it again to use on my towels and other laundry since it does its job well. Overall, this is a good value and I would recommend it.


Hartford, CT


Best Smelling Fabric Softener


I love this fabric softener. It has a wonderful smell and leaves our clothes soft and smelling great. It is very competitively priced. I choose this product over other name brand competitors.


Campobello, SC




I usually use dryer sheets as fabric softener to eliminate static cling but I gave the Gain liquid a shot and I am hooked. We have an issue with the water in our area causing foul smells in the laundry. When I started using the Gain liquid fabric softener, it helped eliminate that foul odor. Our clothes come out soft and have a pleasant scent. There was no static in the clothes when they came out of the dryer. The Gain fabric softener was also one of the cheaper ones on the shelf. I actually purchased it for my husband to use to clean his paint brushes (it works great for that) and when he no longer needed it he gave it to me. I only used it to keep it from wasting. I was impressed when I noticed how lovely our clothes smelled when they came out of the dryer! Overall this is a great product for the price. I am actually going to go buy more today. You won't be sorry for trying Gain!


Empire, AL


Gain Liquid Fabric Softener, Original Scent

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