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Dishwashing Liquid
Gain Dishwashing Liquid, Apple Berry Twist Scent

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Great Scent But Not Such A Great Soap


I'm not particularly partial to Gain's dish soaps after using their regular green soap but I just could not pass up their Apple Berry Twist scent when I saw it on sale. For light duty dish washing this is actually a pretty good product. If you are pre-washing dishes before you put them in the dishwasher this would be fine. However, if you don't have a dishwasher this is really not the best option as the soap doesn't really do the best job on heavy chores. This was fine with glasses and plates but when it got to pots, pans, and mixing bowls it left much to be desired. It didn't do a very good job with grease and left a bit of a film behind which meant I had to wash the dishes again and that did the job. But still, who wants to wash dishes twice when the soap should do the job the first time around? Overall, this is a very pleasant, if strong, scent but as a soap it is not the best option. I really cannot recommend it.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Fantastic aroma!


I got the Gain Dishwashing Liquid, Apple Berry Twist Scent because I happened to smell it in the store when looking for more dishwashing soap. It smelled great and I am familiar with the Gain brand so I purchased. It is tough on grease and loosens tough baked on food now so far I am very pleased with this product.




Too much to handle


While this soap cleans well, the scent is too strong. Creates enough suds in the sink to thoroughly clean dishes, even with hard water. This Gain dish soap is hard to rinse clean thoroughly. Rinsing takes an extremely long time to get all of the soap smell off the dishes. Gain dish soap also leaves behind a soapy flavor after the dishes are rinsed. Even after rinsing dishes longer than with other soap products, the scent and flavor of soap are left behind. This is not a good thing to deal with when you want to smell and taste only the food that is on your plate or in your bowl. I could not say the same for other scents of this product because this is the only scent I have tried. I would not recommend this product unless you like the scent and taste of dish soap to mix in with your food. Maybe there is another good use for it like household cleaning. With a scent that strong, I am tempted to try washing my floors with it, but I would be concerned that there would be a soap residue left behind.


Beloit, WI


Bottle slips in wet hands, stained my yellow top, never again.


I not only wouldn't buy it again, I am going to buy any other soap right now, as this product is dreadful. I picked up the bottle at the sink with a wet hand, and the bottle slipped and fell, causing a couple splashes on my yellow top. Naturally I thought it would wash out, but went to rinse it immediately. Lucky I did, as it DID NOT RINSE OUT. Who makes a soap that doesn't rinse out? I had to use Oxyclean Laundry Stain Remover to get the stain out, and even that took over 5 minutes of scrubbing. I'd like to know where this is made; is this one of those products imported from China or India?




Gain Apple Berry Twist: Another Good but not Great Gain Product


Gain has made a name for itself with the legendary scent of its laundry detergent and anything that sports the Gain label is almost certain to be aromatic. Its fabric softeners certainly are, but some of its other products somewhat less so. One Gain product with a pleasant but not extreme scent is **Gain Apple Berry Twist Dishwashing Liquid**, a red dishwashing agent. **Dishwashing Liquid Facts and Commentary:** Gain Apple Berry Twist Dishwashing Liquid is a nice, fruity smelling dishwashing liquid that pleases the senses. The smell isn't as extreme as that of the Gain laundry detergents, but it is still noticeable and still nice, like a mild air freshener. Gain Apple Berry Twist Dishwashing Liquid produces an average amount of suds in my semi- soft water and it does work effectively at getting dishes clean. It rinses off very easily and leaves no soapiness behind that can affect the taste of food. I like its softness, but I also realize that its milder persona means it is less capable of washing a really dirty batch of dishes. One other fault with this product is that same fault I have with other Gain dishwashing liquids: They don't cut grease very well. I have become spoiled by Dawn and other brands that work so well at cutting grease that I expect any dishwashing liquid to work equally well. This one isn't bad, it just isn't as good as some of the top brands. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** My bottom line with Gain Apple Berry Twist Dishwashing Liquid is that it is a nice smelling dishwashing liquid with a good amount of cleaning ability, but not an amazing level of overall ability. I like the low price tag, but I can only rate it average overall due to the reasons listed above.


Houston, TX


Gain Dishwashing Liquid, Apple Berry Twist Scent

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