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Gaiam GT Express 101 Indoor Grill

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Great for making all kinds of things!


Used my sisters and it was great! Planned meals just so we could use it! Worked great. Only drawback was that it was difficult to clean because it is all one piece. Quesadillas were the best, awesome omlets, great biscuits, it did all kinds of neat things! I really wanted to buy one, but by then the Redi-Set-Go had come out. I thought the removable plate was a great idea. It was. The drawbacks on the Redi-Set-Go (since I can't find a place to review it on ViewPoints): heats up so much that the paint flakes off the top; the timer is cheesy and doesn't work; and the additional plates are really expensive. On the positive side, it works for everything the GT works for, but with the removable plate it makes it easier to clean up. It is handy to use for single servings (or for 1 adult and 2 children). I find it difficult to make just one batch, I usually end up having to cook two batches so I don't waste ingredients--need to learn to only use half a bag of stuffing for stuffed soup! Good stuff, though! Definitely recommend the product!


Hotchkiss, CO


GT Express 101 helps make meals fun.


I bought one of these for myself, as well as my brothers. I enjoy it because it is convenient and cooks fast. It also saves on the electric bill. I don't have to heat up the stove or oven just to make an omelet or something simple like that. I also like the recipe ideas that come with this little grill. I try to experiment with it when I am in a cooaking mood or have time with friends. My facorite thing to make is probably quesadillas and quiche. I throw my tortilla up there, add some chopped bacon, chopped chicken breast, green peppers, onions, and lots of cheese. Close the lid, wait just a few minutes, and it is done. Quiche is just as simple. One drawback to this is that it easily scratches, so you must use a wooden or plastic spatula and be careful. Cleaning is not too bad, although not as simple as they make it out to be on the commercial. All in all, I would definitely recommend this to everyone. It is an easy way to eat healthy. Forget all the grease!!


Wilmington, NC


Fantastic Small Counter Top Appliance


Some of you may have seen the GT Express 101 Informercial on TV and have wondered if you should or should not buy the product. I highly suggest for you to give it a try. I tried the GT Express 101 and was not dissappointed. I love the product.. :) I have owned the product for over a year and use it for Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner. The machine is very sturdy and easy to use. Very easy to clean as well.. I have used this machine for the following: -Grilled Salmon or Talapia -Stir Fry Vegies -Eggs for Breakfast (Sunny Side Up, Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns) -Breakfast Burritos -Mini Cakes - Personal Pizza or Calzones.  


San Jose, CA


Starts to come apart after a few uses.


I don't normally buy products that are made on TV. I had a bad experience once with a grater that was a piece of junk. It has been a while though so I thought that this product was worth a try. The idea of having fresh breakfast omelets in minutes was just too tempting. And sure, the device did make good omelets, but after the first few cleanings, the non-stick coating on the thing started to come off! Can you imagine having this black junk on your delicious looking morning omelet! GROSS! I am not saying that for the price I didn't expect this to happen eventually, but after maybe 4 uses?? I think that's a tad soon. I think that this is a good idea, but needs a redesign. The size was just right for keeping it around and using it every day, but it needs to last longer than 4 uses.


Brooklyn, NY


GT Express does it all!


I bought the GT Express four years ago and was ver pleased with its performance. I used it about once a week(I lived in a college dorm) and it made amazing omlets, cakes, muffins, chicken....pretty much every recipe I tried from their cookbook worked great! I don't use it so much anymore, and have bee dissappointed in how it has held up. After two years, the nonstick is coming off into my food-mking it harder to clean. Also, I have nticed that the heating element is flaky. My food isn't getting cooked all the way through and sometimes it burns the outside and the inside is undercooked. I would buy this product again and have given it as a gift to my sisters when they went to college. Just don't expect it to lat more than a year or two.


Essex Junction, VT


Greatest little appliance ever!


I got this as a gift three years ago for christmas when my stepmother ordered 2 for the price of 1. I don't think it's been put in the cupboard since, it has a permanent spot on our kitchen counter. I love that it doesn't take up much space, easy to clean out afterwards, and safe enough for my 9 year old who loves to cook to use it also. We use it for scrambled eggs, pizza pockets, mini corndog pockets, muffins. (oooooh the chocolate cake idea is the BEST ever! make yourself a little chocolate cake and put some vanilla ice cream on top....instant desert for 1 or 2.) My kids favorite is that we use it for mini soft tacos. It toasts the tacos really nice, melts the cheese, and they don't "unroll".


Little Chute, WI


This GT Xpress 101 is such a time saver!


This GT Xpress 101 is such a time saver!  I just love it!  All I do is plug it in to heat it up, spray a little cooking spray on it and mix up something great like an omelet, pour it into the wells, close it and go about my business for about 10 minutes, come back and I have a meal!  What could be more simple than that?  It comes with a special shaped spatula to remove the food from the wells and since it's a non-stick cooking surface, the food just pops right out.  I use it all the time.  I can be fixing other stuff like a salad while my main course is cooking.  By the time I'm done with the salad and pouring the drinks, the main course is ready and we eat!  Forget those 30 minute meals, I can have breakfast, lunch or dinner ready in 15 minutes with this baby!  Whoever came up with this idea was a genius.  It's the greatest invention after the crockpot in my opinion.  If you are a busy mom and don't have time to slave over the stove, buy this, you won't be sorry!


Science Hill, KY


The GT Xpress 101 Indoor Grill really works!


I often doubt products that are part of infomercials and claim to do cook numerous different foods in a timely manner with no problems. However, after seeing the infomercial for this indoor grill countless times, I decided to try it for myself. I have to say that I am very pleased with its performance. It really does cook so many different foods in a reasonable amount of time. I have cooked muchrooms, chicken, hamburgers, and even steak on this grill all indoor from the comfort of my very own kitchen. It grills the meats to perfection, they are still tender and juicy and when done cooking. It is small and compact so it can easily be moved around or even taken with you on a trip. The clean up is also easy if you clean it up while it is still warm. Plus it has removable parts which can go right into the dishwasher. The only thing is it does take a little longer to cook the foods than it advertises, but if you just allow for some extra cooking time, the grill works great and you will love the results. Performance Impressed with how fast and evenly it cooks.


Palm Bay, FL


GT Xpress is not how it seems


The only reason why I bought this grill was because of the way the advertising made it out to be. But I did not find this product to be use full. After I bought it I only used it for less than ten times. There is no way of setting the time and tempurature. Also you can't fit much of any kind of food in it. There is barly any space, I can't even fit a large burrito in it. The lid won't shut. But the good things about this product is that the food cooks really quickly and is better than using a microwave.My advise is to get a toaster oven, they have the most functions from any cooking tool. Also you can fit as much large burritos as you want. I don't want to fully put down the GT Xpress. It does have some good in it. Better than some other grills that i've seen. Some grills don't even heat the food and that's a start. You can find the GT Xpress in used stores or buy online if you want to get the best deal.


Everett, WA


One of my best investments in kitchen gadgetry!


This little grilling/cooking machine is fast, convenient and wonderful. I use this all the time.  I live alone but often watch my 3 year old grandson.  Who wants to heat a huge oven to heat up a handful of tater tots and little wienies for a 3 year old,,, not me!   LoL   3 year olds don't eat much and it's such a waste to heat the whole oven for a meal they're not going to eat.  And we use this for so much more,,,,  cookies, biscuits, dinner rolls, sandwiches, even little frozen mini corn dogs.  Faster than heating up and baking in the oven, a little longer than the microwave but it tastes a lot better than in the microwave.  This will brown and crisp things like the microwave won't. Some things will need more non-stick cooking spray than others but it's not that much different than a frying pan would need.  Cookies stick a little more than other things but the convenience of being able to just put in 2 cookies and put the rest of the dough back in the freezer for next time is worth it.


Green Bay, WI


Gaiam GT Express 101 Indoor Grill

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